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September Whole 30


Attention ladies and gentlemen (or man, probably just Dad), I am here to proudly declare, because it’s actually one of the steps I’m supposed to complete; I will be participating and completing the September Whole 30. Are you like, what is the Whole 30? Well, some might say it’s impossible, or hell, or a terrible idea.. but I say it’s the next step in my transformation from chubby caterpillar to lean and fit butterfly.

The Whole 30 is a lifestyle, which I know sounds hella cheeseball (which you can’t eat on the Whole 30), but it truly is a lifestyle. For 30 days you eat clean, like cleaner than paleo, which you’re more likely familiar with. The truth is sugar, grains, dairy and/or legumes are probably affecting your physical, and maybe mental, health negatively. And you can’t forget about all those nasty chemicals in like flippin’ everything we eat. So you eat clean, preferably organic, veggies, fruits, meats, seafood, eggs, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. You plan, you cook, you eat, your life changes. I’m not even being dramatic.

Over the last year and a handful of months I went from going out to eat on an almost daily basis to an almost never basis. I said goodbye to snacking on cheese and candy and drinking energy drinks. I stopped bringing home a bottle of wine or a six pack of cider. And slowly but surely I’ve watch my body shrink, my sleep improve, and my love for myself grow. I am now super ready to lose the last 15 pounds and start working out like I’m Khloe Kardashian.. just kidding, kind of. No, but seriously, do you follow her on snap? Her workouts are insane and the shape of her body is.. unreal.

So this, the magical September Whole 30, is my next step. Oh, and this Whole 30 is kind of a big deal. Melissa Hartwig (Google her, #goals) the creator of the Whole 30 is releasing a new book on the 30th day of this round. The book, Food Freedom Forever, gives you the skills you need to never return to savagely eating Cheese-Its or always buying gummy bears in the Trader Joe’s checkout. The book weens you off your Whole 30 so you can figure out what Whole 30 no-no’s are affecting you, whether it’s your evening glass of wine that’s keeping you up at night or lunch meat with nitrates that’s causing your acne.

I have been meal planning for weeks and I can’t wait to put this plan into action. If this has inspired you and you want to participate too, check out whole30.com and be sure to leave a comment below so we can support each other along the way!


*image by emilie blincoe

Saying Goodbye to 25

It has been a little over a month since I celebrated the end of my 25th year of life. Totally had to ask my Mom what we actually did on my birthday.. this is why I blog, or why I need to blog more often. The weekend of my birthday was a whirlwind. The end of college and work, graduation, Mother’s Day, and then my birthday. On top of all that I was packing and running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out my plan to get California.

Whatever I did on my birthday, it was great, I’m sure of it.

So if you’re new here, or you just don’t pay a lot of attention to detail, for the last two years I’ve created a list of goals equal to the years old I am, and set a completion date of the next birthday. Thus, I made a goal of 25 things to do before I turned 26. Here’s the list with some additional comments regarding completion or otherwise…

1. Create blog content that I am proud of, and feel less guilty about how often I post. Half completed, still not super proud of the content I created this past year.. but I have no guilt about it.
2. Maintain my current GPA. Last semester was hard, but I made tons of cool friends, so.. Whatever.


3. Appreciate Iowa through travel.
4. Go on a mother/daughter adventure
5. Build a professional portfolio.
6. Propagate an excessive amount of succulents and give them away to friends!
7. Grow an herb garden from seedlings.
8. Finish the beauty room: hang pictures, cover pillows, etc. Going to miss this perfect room, but all it’s contents will be making their way to my new home.

Beauty Room

9. 30 days of biking It rains a lot in April, and I am not about pouring rain bike life. Should have done it in the fall, totally missed my opportunity.
10. Put a bird feeder in the yard.
11. Paint the front door red.
12. Complete a month of yoga challenge.
13. Get in the habit of meal planning, and grocery shopping once weekly.
14. Be more patient. I think I need to accept I’m never going to be very patient. Again, Whatever.
15. Finish at least one internship.
16. Update and re-design my resume.  Most beautiful resume ever. Jussayin’.
17. Mail birthday cards often. This year. Promise.
18. Host a themed party each season. As much as I love my friends, they have no ability to show up on time, and they don’t really like games very much.. BLAMING THEM.
19. Wear my glasses (and maybe get new ones). NO BUT SERIOUSLY, DO THIS!
20. Clean out my closet, and stop hoarding clothes that I never wear.
21. Be kind, caring, and more available especially to those who need me. Can I really be the one to cross this off? I don’t know if I was, but I tried to be, so I feel good about it.
22. Have a girls night at least once a month (sorry Jess and Becca, I guess you have to do this too).
23. Look at events in life with a best-case instead of worst-case interpretation. Or just ask. I’m going to say I did pretty flippin’ good at this, and I think it made a huge difference, especially in terms of winter blues. I would highly recommend not being so hard on yourself, and if you have anxiety or you’re worried about how someone feels about you or why they treated you however or whatever.. either get over it, forget them, or just ask what the hell is up. Endlessly worry about stuff is a huge waste of time. You do you, girl.
24. Make at least 5 of these crafts Officially accepted I am not a crafter.
25. Lose 30 pounds! BOOM CROSS THAT SHIT OFF BITCHES! Whaaaaat. Yep. Nailed it. The picture below: 1. Last weekend in April 2015. I saw this picture and cried because obviously that’s how like every weight loss story begins. ‘WHO THE HELL IS THAT PERSON!?’ 2. Birthday weekend 2015, I felt pretty, but my vest was really tight on my arms. 3. February 2016, I had been working out with Dan for a month. I felt better than ever. 4. The last weekend of April 2016. Not a huge difference since February, but I was so stupid stressed and still felt good that night. That never would have happened in 2015, or really ever. 

before and after

I’m stupid pleased with how 25 Before 26 went. I mean, if I’d accomplished nothing but worrying less, spreading more kindness and support, and losing 30 pounds, I’d be happy. But I did a bunch of other cool stuff, and it made for a really great year. If you want to see more of that cool stuff, check out the 25 Before 26 category. And that denim vest is a little big on me now.