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On Saturday, the 27th of June, Audrey’s Dad and his fiance were married! We drove down to Des Moines to celebrate with the two of them. It was a beautiful day and they were so happy. Not to mention I had the best steak of my life. That Sunday Octopus put on a benefit show for a kids Lego League. It was the cutest show to ever happy at the Octopus. Peas and Carrot played, so my family got to enjoy their musical stylings, which was certainly a highlight of their trip.

1. Ines and I
2. Ines, Audrey, and Myself
3-4. Classic Audrey and her Dad
5. Ralph and Amelia a.k.a. World’s Best Father-Daughter Team, checking out No Banana’s. Amelia was the host of the evening, and she did a phenomenal job.
6-7.My family taking over Octopus, and watching PnC.
8. Family from both my Dad and my Mom’s side, I’m #blessed.

Weekend Wrap-Up: My Birthday & Mother's Day


Friday when I got off work Audrey and I drove down to Kellogg, Iowa. Some friends of mine from college were getting married just outside of Grinnell, so for the sake of money saving, and fun, we decided to camp. We got a beautiful spot down by the lake at Rock Creek State Park. After setting up camp we bought firewood at the Bait Shop. Audrey built a fire and cooked us a delicious dinner, brats and potatoes! We made a list of all the camping supplies we are going to need for our upcoming trips. What are your go-to camping supplies? In the picture below you can see the view of our camp site from the other side of the lake. It’s that little tiny white dot just to the left in the center of the photo.




Later in the evening we headed off to the midnight wedding of Ivy and Andy. It was quite the experience; bows and arrows, flame throwers, fireworks, and all! They are quite the couple. The next morning Audrey made us a delicious breakfast. We forgot some supplies, like a spatula, so Audrey flipped our eggs with her machete. So impressive!

IMG_5315[1] IMG_5402[1] IMG_5403[1]

On our way home we swung by the casino. We lost $4 and decided we would never fork up the cash to spend the night at the casino hotel to gamble. We will take all the activities nature has to offer over sitting at a penny machine pushing buttons all day. That night Audrey’s band, Peas and Carrot, played a show at the Octopus. I got to hang out with my other favorite lady, Jessica. She gave me a hilarious birthday card and tiny flamingos for my garden!

IMG_5404[1] IMG_5405[1] IMG_5406[1] IMG_5415[1] IMG_5416[1]

Sunday morning Audrey used my banana bread to make french toast. I spent most of the morning napping while she was at our local newspaper being interviewed as the artist of the month. As soon as the article is posted I will be sure to share! That afternoon we went to to my parents house to celebrate both my birthday and mother’s day. Audrey cooked BBQ chicken, and my Mom made her first cheesecake. I it turned out delicious. For my birthday my Mom gave me a vintage nylon baseball jacket from the high school I graduated from. I will be sure to share pictures of it in the next couple days. It might already be too warm to wear it during the day but we should still have a couple cooler nights that I can show it off.

IMG_5407[1] IMG_5408[1] IMG_5410[1] IMG_5412[1]

Am I driving you nuts with all the pictures yet, Audrey? Oops!

IMG_5409[1] IMG_5413[1] IMG_5414[1] IMG_5358[1]

I had an almost perfect weekend. The coming weekends will filled with open houses; graduation season is among us! A little over a month left of work, and then it’s nothing but fun! I can’t wait to be worry free.