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Weekend Wrap-Up| November


What a normal weekend! Friday night I went to the grand opening of Ulta with my friend Dara. We didn’t buy the whole store, so I’m really proud of us. On my way home I grabbed a burrito from Pablo’s and spent the rest of the night relaxing on the couch. Audrey brought me home these Sippin’ Specs from the World’s Largest Truck Stop. Best thing to drink orange soda with.


Saturday I did a bunch of blog stuff, cleaned the house a bit, and then head up the Third Eye to check-out Jessica’s new tattoo. Later that night I went on a date with Audrey and Graham. We went to see Interstellar. The movie was a little mind boggling. It seemed very realistic, and we all walked away like “whoa.” Certainly an award winning movie. If you like sci-fi I would highly recommend it! But be prepared, it’s over 3 hours long.


After the movie we headed downtown for some drinks. I didn’t take many pictures, but Graham ran into a friend and their embrace was too cute. Another great night out on the town with my babes!


Sunday morning I worked on my October Favorites, if you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here! We went to breakfast (my lunch), at the Cedar Falls Family Resturant. It has such a small town vibe, and pretty tasty food. I had a delicious chocolate shake, and good ole bacon and eggs. Yes, those things are good together.


I did a little shopping for my tree with my Mom that afternoon. Audrey made us amazing ham sandwiches for dinner, and we watched a couple documentaries. Overall the weekend was very relaxing, which was great to have as we gear up for another busy week, and weekend.


Peas and Carrot will be playing Studio One on Iowa Public Radio on Tuesday. Be sure to tune in to 90.9 in you live in the Cedar Valley at 7:00 pm to hear their set! Or you can attend the live recording at UNI in Communcations Building! Make sure to arrive early!

Have a wonderful week,
Sweet Hannah Pea

Monthly Favorites: October 2014

Oh heyy, my first favorites post! Here are some products I loved throughout the month of October. Last month was a big month! Every weekend had something going on, I was pretty sick for most of the month, and the weather started getting colder and dryer.


Bastiste Dry Shampoo – Clean & Class Orginal: I’ve mentioned this dry shampoo on my blog before, so for all the details on Dry Shampoo, check out this post! With the weather changing, it drives my desire to shower down to about a 2. Every time it starts to get dry out, I turn into one giant rash. So anything that can help me avoid the shower, I love. Just remember to really rub this product into your roots or it will leave you looking a little dusty.

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash: After going through my first bottle of Purity, I decided I wanted to switch it up and try something different. What I really like about this product is how soft it leaves your skin feeling after you wash. It bubbles up a bit more than Purity, which just makes me feel like I’m somehow becoming more clean. It also has almost no smell to it. I have noticed my skin is more dry, but as I mentioned before, that probably has a lot to do with the weather.

Earth Therapeutics Soft Touch Tweezers: I picked these up in the little bins by the checkout at Kohls. I had exchanged some tights from Christmas and was yet to use the few dollars on a gift card I got when I returned them. Several months ago I lost my holy grail tweezers (RIP), so being myself, I just stopped plucking my eyebrows. Well I got over the ‘natural’ look, and decided I really needed a pair of tweezers. I like these because, they are pink, and because despite not being as amazing as my tweezers I’d had since 8th grade, they are pretty accurate.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer: I got this little tub of lotion around the holidays last year. Now that it’s close to the Holiday’s again, I decided I could finally stop hoarding every little dip into the jar. All of the Soap & Glory lotions are moisturizing, and never leave your skin feeling greasy or oily. This one smells like.. well, just read the description on the Sephora website for that.

Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Spice: This is another product I got around the Holiday’s last year. I love Josie Maran! Argan oil is so good for your skin, and the formula in these products is perfect. You can use this color stick on your lips or your cheeks. I mostly use it on my cheeks because I don’t really like the taste of it. It has really good color payoff, it is easily bendable, and it’s not glitter-y. I am suddenly anti-glitter, at least on my face. The color is sort of coral nude. I love using this color in the colder months.


Next are my food favorites! I have been drinking a bunch of hot chocolate since it got cold out. At home I love to put a big spoonful of malt in to my cup too! A little splash of milk, and it’s perfect! Also with being so sick I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. My favorite right now is Lemon Zinger, but I also really love peppermint. I heard the other day there is a butter mint tea that tastes just like those little pastel mints. That imma need that.


Lastly are a few of my favorite homeware items. I had a fun little .gif for this image as well, but for some reason it wouldn’t upload. Anyway, I bought the Dairy jug at Michael’s. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with the jug, but it was just so cute. If you’re looking for decorations for your house, Michael’s has a bunch of cute stuff

The candle is from Menards. It was only $3.00 or so dollar. This one is the scent Apple Ale. I don’t really like sweet scents during the fall, I save those for winter, so I was happy to find an apple scent that I like. This candle is also in my favorites because the scent is really fills the air, but it isn’t overpowering.

The little blue moon planter was something I picked up from an estate sale a few weeks ago. It doesn’t have a way to drain, so I probably won’t put a real plant in it. Right now I have this little painted pine cone sitting in it as a part of my fall decorations. I’ve been thinking about taking pictures of my decorations, along with a home tour. I’ve also been DIY’ing a few little autumn things that I wouldn’t mind sharing.

Well those are my October favorites! I will be back tomorrow with my Weekend Wrap-Up!

Sweet Hannah Pea