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Pontoon Party

The last weekend of August was the highly anticipated pontoon trip. Okay, being honest, any trip involving water or a boat, I highly anticipate. But, this was one particularly special because it was basically the last weekend of summer, the last hurrah, the calm before the storm, etc.

Anna booked this amazing pontoon, complete with grill, on Big Creek Lake. Sam, our captain and Anna’s boyfriend, motored us around the lake all day. Kudos to Sam for getting a crash course is pontoon driving and totally nailing it. From one end of the lake to the other, and in and out of coves, not to mention the boat was full of hooligans. Nailed. It.

The weather was practically perfect. While the sun didn’t make much of an appearance, it was still warm enough to swim. We dropped anchor in a few coves to jump off the boat and use life jackets as floaties. The best part was being able to just sit on the boat and not fry in the sun. We drank mimosas, grilled, and even flew a kite.

After our water adventure, we all set up camp at Jester Park. My Dad lent me an amazing tent, tall enough to stand up in. I am never again going back to a tent that you can’t host a dance party in. After we set up camp, we ventured out on short hike through the woods. The trail led to this beautiful overlook of Saylorville Lake. We spent the evening gathered around the fire, roasting brats, hot dogs, and marshmallows.

What a fantastic weekend, with a wonderful group of people. There was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend boat rental at Big Creek, and camping Jester Park.

So long sweet summer! I will miss you, but I am so excited for fall. #PTP2K15

So Long Summer

My summer is officially coming to a close. Monday brings the start of the fall semester, the first day of my internship, and the beginning of my final year as a college student. Holy. Crap. The next 9 months will require some serious dedication and passion. It’s mostly all good feels as I dive head first into the future, but there is a very big part of me that is absolutely freakin’ terrified. I’ve worked my ass off for this, and at the end is supposed to be this magical glorious thing where all the hard work will pay off, the puzzle pieces will fall into place, and all will be right with the world (of Hannah). But.. I can’t help but think, HOLY CRAP what if it doesn’t go as planned?! What if I suck!? What if I totally screw this up!? What if I HATE the ‘future’ that is supposed to be the rest of my life?! But I have to do it. I want to do this. And it’s all going to be okay. Best case scenario, folks.

Phew, that was a little overwhelming. With that being said, here are some photos from summer that got lost in the shuffle.

An attempt at propagating succulents.. they all died. That week when my house was bursting with peonies. Practically every night of summer offers an amazing sunset. Did a little volunteering at the College Hill Arts Festival. Lost photos from the car show, the family sailing day, and lots of fun nights with great friends. A sunset from Ragbrai, and a photo with the newest addition to my pack of babes, Brynn (major girl crush, she’s cool as hell). A plant that I didn’t kill, cherry tomatoes. Beach, and a different beach. Zinnias from seeds gifted to me by Sweet Marie. Lastly, full grown baby yellow tomatoes.

Over the summer have I had added beach comber, flower photographer, and sunset time lapse junkie to my list of titles. My Dad gave me a Joby GorillaPod a few years ago, and over the summer I have finally mastered it’s versatility. I use a small mount for my iPhone 6 and then attach that to my tripod. Works like a charm. The video above was taken on my phone while attached to my bike handle bars.

For more photos, time lapses, and frequent updates in general, check out my Instagram; @sweethannahpea. Thanks for the memories Summer 2015.

Sommer Time


Typically, I write much like I talk. If you know me personally, you know the only difference being, I talk a lot more than I write. The reason is clear to me, I’m thinking about what I’m writing. In ‘real life,’ I do a lot of word vomiting, rambling, etc. I am a classic story-teller, and I love to listen to stories just as much. When I ask someone else how their weekend was, and they say “good”.. I could punch them. I want every detail, like your weekend translated into a gossip magazine article, even if you just went shopping and got drinks with your friends. TELL ME EVERYTHING! So, in honor of Sommer, who literally said she was so happy I was at her party so I could blog about it, I will attempt to write as much as I talk.

Firstly, The Darland Farm, or Hillcrest Farm, is pretty much every girls dream farm turned practical. There are no horses or cows, but there are kittens and TONS of flowers. I will start with kittens. Almost as soon as we arrived, Sommer directed me towards the barn where I could find a fresh batch of minx kittens. I found them chewing on a dead swallow. Ew. But the swallows are everywhere, and they fly dangerously low and close to anything they want, so who’s fault is that?! The cutest kitten is a little fat gray guy, but he had zero interest in being the subject of my pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine. Think Toulouse from Aristocats, only gray. The kittens lost interest in the birds and soon moved on to my toes, basically the best thing ever for me.

After kitten time, and whatever everyone else was doing, we moved inside to eat brunch. Sommer’s Dad cooked us up eggs and bacon, while we drank screwdrivers and bloodies. We dined on the delicious feast and swapped stories of some not so smart things we had done in our youth. Lately, there’s been a lot of reminiscing going on around me. Is this a sign of growing older? In just a few years, these years will be the times I reflect on, college and my part time job. “Sommer, remember your birthday party when there were all those baby kittens and we picked flowers?”

Of course, some time was spent with the usual animal suspects at the Hillcrest Farm, Arie and Casper. Arie is my dream cat. She LOVES to be held. Between Audrey and I, we probably carried her around for a good 2 hours. Casper is just a youngin’. He’s wild and rambunctious, but you can tell he’s a lover. I’m sure in a couple years he will mellow out a bit, and then I would like to cuddle up in his fur for a good long dog snuggle session.

The flowers. The freakin’ flowers. As a person who is mildly obsessed with flower pictures, like I might actually consider taking pictures of flowers a hobby of mine, Hillcrest farm is one of the best places on earth. The Darland Family runs a small business that grows and sells the most beautiful flowers. (If you need flowers for your next event, check out their Facebook) I wandered through the rows of different varieties, snapping pictures of almost every single one. I paired down the selection a lot for the sake of not having to make yet another post that is exclusively plant pictures.

Sommer and her boyfriend, Nick, had to run into town to get Sommer’s dog, so Audrey and I hung out under a big awning and watched a storm roll through. My Dad grew up and farmed just a few rural blocks away from Hillcrest Farm. He has always told me stories of the amazing storms that would come in when he lived there. It was a neat experience to be in his shoes for an afternoon, even if the storm wasn’t too exciting.


Sommer invited me to join her in picking flowers and putting together a bouquet. Um, YES. Potential new hobby. We found vases on shelves covered in dust, and gave them a quick bath under the faucets that her Dad installed throughout the flower garden. She told me the names of almost all of the flowers I picked, and told me the rules her Mom has for arranging flowers. Sommer doesn’t always abide by the rules, but a bouquet is of these flowers is beautiful, no matter if it’s in groupings of three.

Also happening the day of Sommer’s birthday was my dear friend’s Dara and Ethan’s Going Away Party. I had chosen to spend the afternoon at Sommer’s, the evening at Dara and Ethan’s, and then return to Sommer’s when the bar closed. Let’s be honest, I didn’t make it back to Sommer’s or to bar close. I got tired and went to bed, Classic Hannah. Dara and Ethan’s party appeared to be everything they had hoped for. A few of their favorite Iowa musicians played, and they got to have one last hurrah at Octopus. They have since moved to sunny California. I wish them all the best, and hope to visit them soon!!

The following morning, Audrey and I headed back out to the farm. We had to pick up music equipment that the bands at Sommer’s party had used the night before. Sunday was Father’s Day, and Sommer’s Dad had fired up his gift from his family, a flat top grill! He was churning out all sorts of breakfast staples. I found myself in he kitchen making toast, and chatting with some of my favorite gals. I spent the remainder of my day with my dear ole Dad. We grilled all sorts of different things, even watermelon (total fail).

Summer, and Sommer, have treated me pretty good this year.

Summer Ball

There is one activity that just never gets old during the summer, baseball. Watching the games on TV are fun, but you just can’t get anything better than a attending a good old fashion baseball game. We have a local team called the Bucks; college players from around the country play for them for the summer. Every year they have give out free tickets to the local schools. Working at a school, I get the left over tickets! This is the second time we’ve invited our friends to join us for the game. It’s a blast, and this year was opening night! A couple beers, brats, french fries, ridiculous games happening between innings, a total blast!