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Side Hustle

I’m putting together a running list of potential side hustles, or just like, stuff to do that could make money. I think I might love 10 part-part time jobs instead 1 full-time job. Sounds more fun.
Wedding florist, but just being an assembler. You tell me what to do.
Cleaning lady for adorable elderly folk. My Mom does this for a real sweetheart, and when she tells me about how cute he is playing bridge and such with his friends, I get so jealous. I need more people over 75 in my life.
Babysitter for my friends, so that I can be an Aunt to like 19 children and eventually be the cool Aunt who picks them up from their first high school party when cops bust it. I’d pretend to be their Mom, and then not tell their Mom until they go to college. I hope none of my parent friends read this. And if you are, I’m CPR and lifeguard certified.. so that outweighs all my schemes.
Baker, ideally cake decorator but that might require some experience. And if we are being extra picky, I’d want to work for a home baker. I wouldn’t find the early mornings bad at all, or the sugar.
Website updater, that’s an official title. I tell Nicole all the time that I would happily update her blog, but I could do this in so many different capacities for a variety of businesses. For example, with Nicole, I’d correspond with her client via email about their family. Their names, their kids ages, what their family likes to do together, cute stuff. Then I’d put their answers into a post with all of the beautiful images Nicole created. **Nic, hire me.**
Vintage hunter/salvage-er. I’ve got a place in mind that I’d like to shop for to help curate their perfect store.. technically this job would be a called a buyer, but I think that’s too formal. I recently found my new favorite show, Salvage Dawgs (terrible name), which inspired me to want to salvage stuff. They go into abandon houses, or houses that are about to be torn down, and they rip like everything out of it. Some physical labor every so often wouldn’t be bad at all.. not to mention I’d happily occasionally trade that labor for amazing finds to put in my own space.
Christmas tree decorator (!!DREAM JOB ALERT!!), cause some people actually hate doing this. What. How? But actually, great, cause I will happily do it for you. I could also wrap presents too. Give me all the Christmas related jobs. I will even shop for you.
Painter, another job I’m stealing from my Mom (Mom, want to start a business?). And by painter, I mean, of walls in your house. My Mom taught me how paint like pro. You pick the color and move the furniture out of the way, and I’ll do the rest.

Alright that’s where the list stands today. I could also do some lawn and garden care, maybe open an Etsy shop, and maybe eventually I’d really like to teach a college class or two. What are your side hustles?