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The Half-Way Mark | 26 Before 27

How am I already 26 and a half?! I swear my amazing triple threat birthday/graduation/going-away party was like.. last week. My two friends with the same exact first and middle name sitting at the bar drinking beer, my high school friends throwing darts, my best girls catching on life with babies and plans to go back to school full time, and a whole table full of women who have been some of my biggest cheer leaders the last few years. #crying #blessed

In this my 26th year I have done a lot, despite my pretty much constant down playing of my successes. I guess I am rather happy with the whole graduating college, moving to the second largest city in the US, finding a place to live, and getting a job.

Okay, enough gloating, let’s see where I’m at on the goals I set for myself this year. I’ll italicize the ones that I’ve been keeping up on, but are long term and thus can’t be considered a success until May.

1. 30 Days Of Biking
2. Get new glasses and wear them NAILED IT. I now have 6 pairs of glasses. $6 frames, $6.95 single vision lenses. I love Eye Buy Direct. Get your own here, or leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you my referral link. I’ll do some kind of post on those at some point.
3. Send 50 pieces of mail .. I have to be at least half way on this one.
4. Stop shoving stuff in closets … FAIL. I still down on a dresser, so my plan to make my closet into a dream space has failed and thus it’s full of junk.
5. Clean the bathroom and vacuum weekly
6. Stop binge watching TV – Seriously, you watched 107 episodes of a horse show made for teens.. you can’t get that time back. Haha, funny.
7. Cook meals, eat the leftovers
8. Go on a film camera adventure
9. Take the train to San Diego
10. Drive up the 1 and camp Big Sur
11. Get on a surf board (no need to put the pressure on actually learning to surf, just get on)
12. Take great care of the CR-V
13. Invest in some health related stuff: good shoes, fitbit, gym membership, etc.
14. Budget, save money, don’t go hungry
15. Make a blog schedule, try and stick to it .. I’m trying. Haven’t really made a schedule, but I’m here.
16. Find some friends in Los Angeles
17. Commit to weight training/find a great gym and an even better trainer
18. Make 12 vlogs
19. Explore California – Joshua Tree/San Francisco/Running Springs/San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara .. This weekend I’ll be in San Diego, and Thanksgiving I’ll be in Los Osos!
20. Go to a LA Kings game
21. Film a makeup tutorial
22. Drink at least 120 oz of water a day .. OMG THIS IS SO MUCH WATER, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!
23. Buy a new camera lens
24. Learn enough LA history that I can give a super cool LA tour .. Visit me, let me take you to Venice, promise it will be great.
25. Take a trip with the California Family – Mexico? Los Osos?
26. Lose 20 pounds – I’m not super strict on this number.. I just want to lose fat and gain muscle. Lean mean lady machine.

That’s a little reality check. I’ve only crossed off two things.. Looks like I need to step up my game. The next six month better be action packed.. also I now realize some of these goals are contradictory.. like “save money, and also buy a new camera lens, and new shoes, and travel a bunch”.. I guess I wasn’t anticipating my salary. In the words of Tim Gunn.. “MAKE IT WORK!”