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Falling For Southern California


I have a few autumnal-obsessed friends who were very concerned about me missing fall, ya’ll. And I have to admit when I left Iowa for warm and sunny SoCal, I was a little sad about it too. I mean, there are almost no deciduous trees, rarely the need to wear a sweater and a scarf (although I currently am and it’s totally 92 degrees outside *air conditioning*), and certainly no sign of a first frost. Then, on Saturday morning I took a walk, something I do most Saturday mornings. I’ll leave my apartment around 7:00 am, listen to a podcast, and stop to take the occasional picture of a flower or the sun coming through the trees just right.


But this Saturday felt different.. it felt like fall. It was in the 60’s, cool enough for a sweater and leggings. As I set out down my usual path, I noticed my surroundings looked a little different. There seemed to be more roses than I had seen in the previous weeks, this time in all sorts of autumnal colors like peaches and yellows. I even discovered a pumpkin growing in someone’s garden near the sidewalk. But I think what had mostly changed was something inside of me. I was seeing the world through a different lens; I felt like fall. I was going to compare myself to a deciduous tree, but I think that might be taking it too far.


There are pumpkin spice lattes, and maroon lipstick, and my too many pairs of ankles boots in California. Trader Joe’s offers practically everything in pumpkin flavor, it’s still football season, and my Mom promised to send me her chili recipe. While I will continue to miss those crisp walks from my house to The Hill and Box Company apples, I think I’ve found a new fall, one that I love just as much.