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Mascara Must-Haves


Lately I’ve been wearing much less makeup. Brows, mascara, highlighter, lip color, done. I mean, I’m unofficially working from home right now, so it seems better for my skin to let it breathe for a while. But, if I’m leaving the house, brows and mascara are 100% required in my world. These two mascaras have been my go-to gals. PÜR’s Big Look Lengthening Mascara goes on first to separate and lengthen. Then, before it dries, I apply COVERGIRL’s Super Sizer to really volumize. I’m not a huge fan of the Super Sizer by itself, but as a second coat, it’s like BAM! LASHES! The prices vary depending on where you purchase these, PÜR looks to be between $18 and $22 (I got mine at Kohl’s), and COVERGIRL between $5 and $7. Also, PÜR appears to have switched packaging, but I believe the formula is still the same.


What are your favorite mascaras this summer? Leave a comment below so I know what to pick up next!

PÜR Big Look Lengthening Mascara 
COVERGIRL The Super Sizer by LashBlash Mascara