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Just Tuesday | A Sort-Of Update


As it is a new year, it seems like an appropriate time to consider some fresh ideas. In 2015 I wrote for an online magazine called Odyssey, or The Odyssey (I’m not sure they could make up their minds). While I truly enjoyed the writing part, there were a few things I just really didn’t enjoy about it. This semester I have chosen not to write for them, and instead I would like to start writing more editorial pieces here on the blog. For example, are eyebrows the new lipstick? Or why do people think it’s some kind of miracle when a college student arrives someplace in the morning? Are there any topics you’d like me to enthusiastically go on about?

I also spent the weekend mulling over my future, oh wait, I do that every second of every day. This weekend felt a little different though. I am constantly on fence between excited and terrified. I can literally see the days melting (or not so much, it’s currently 7 degrees outside) away before I walk across the stage at graduation. Before this weekend, that made me want to barf, but I think I have finally reached pure excitement. It has been, and will continue to be hard to not want to cram every single thing possible into these next few months, but focusing on realistic, obtainable goals needs to be front and center. I want to finish my eight years of college in the best mental and physical condition of my life. *insert cheering and applause*

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So Long Summer

My summer is officially coming to a close. Monday brings the start of the fall semester, the first day of my internship, and the beginning of my final year as a college student. Holy. Crap. The next 9 months will require some serious dedication and passion. It’s mostly all good feels as I dive head first into the future, but there is a very big part of me that is absolutely freakin’ terrified. I’ve worked my ass off for this, and at the end is supposed to be this magical glorious thing where all the hard work will pay off, the puzzle pieces will fall into place, and all will be right with the world (of Hannah). But.. I can’t help but think, HOLY CRAP what if it doesn’t go as planned?! What if I suck!? What if I totally screw this up!? What if I HATE the ‘future’ that is supposed to be the rest of my life?! But I have to do it. I want to do this. And it’s all going to be okay. Best case scenario, folks.

Phew, that was a little overwhelming. With that being said, here are some photos from summer that got lost in the shuffle.

An attempt at propagating succulents.. they all died. That week when my house was bursting with peonies. Practically every night of summer offers an amazing sunset. Did a little volunteering at the College Hill Arts Festival. Lost photos from the car show, the family sailing day, and lots of fun nights with great friends. A sunset from Ragbrai, and a photo with the newest addition to my pack of babes, Brynn (major girl crush, she’s cool as hell). A plant that I didn’t kill, cherry tomatoes. Beach, and a different beach. Zinnias from seeds gifted to me by Sweet Marie. Lastly, full grown baby yellow tomatoes.

Over the summer have I had added beach comber, flower photographer, and sunset time lapse junkie to my list of titles. My Dad gave me a Joby GorillaPod a few years ago, and over the summer I have finally mastered it’s versatility. I use a small mount for my iPhone 6 and then attach that to my tripod. Works like a charm. The video above was taken on my phone while attached to my bike handle bars.

For more photos, time lapses, and frequent updates in general, check out my Instagram; @sweethannahpea. Thanks for the memories Summer 2015.

We had a snow day the other day! Thankfully it’s mostly all gone now. As you can see, or can’t see, the road out my front window. Matt’s little car was swallowed whole by all that snow, but he made it. I enjoyed a day at home getting lots of things done, like sewing those curtains I showed you. I also watched a lot of Netflix and made a pizza from scratch! Thankfully all this snow is almost gone, and with this week staying in the 40’s I hope to never see snow for the rest of the season (sorry snowshoeing Mom and friends)!!