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25 and a Half


I’m halfway to 26 today! I have been diligently working on my 25 before 26 goals. Okay, maybe not diligently, more like ‘through some sort of miracle’ a bunch of my goals have been checked off. Many of them are more long-term, mental goals, which can’t really be checked off until the big 2-6, but I feel pretty good about where I am at with all of those.

1. Create blog content that I am proud of, and feel less guilty about how often I post. Feeling much less guilty now that I am writing for Odyssey. I still really want to focus on this little gem of a blog come spring because I know it could be a vital resource when I apply for jobs. Oh god.. jobs.
2. Maintain my current GPA. 5 weeks left in the semester, really not sure where I am at on this one.
3. Appreciate Iowa through travel. Doin’ it. Lovin’ it.
4. Go on a mother/daughter adventure – Chicago: Holocaust Museum and IKEA
5. Build a professional portfolio. After this semester my portfolio should be lookin’ pretty darn beautiful.
6. Propagate an excessive amount of succulents and give them away to friends! Crossing this out despite not giving anyone a succulent. I propagated, they grew into tiny succulents of adorableness, and then they died because my human life was happening and there wasn’t a lot of room for plant life. Oops.
7. Grow an herb garden from seedlings.
8. Finish the beauty room: hang pictures, cover pillows, etc. Just one more pillow to cover, and one more picture to hang, then I’m calling it good.
9. 30 days of biking COMING SPRING 2016
10. Put a bird feeder in the yard.
11. Paint the front door red.
12. Complete a month of yoga challenge.
13. Get in the habit of meal planning, and grocery shopping once weekly. Ehhhhhhh… see item 25.
14. Be more patient.
15. Finish at least one internship. 5 weeks left.
16. Update and re-design my resume.
17. Mail birthday cards often. I’ve mailed 3, so not doing super great but not failing.
18. Host a themed party each season. FAIL.
19. Wear my glasses (and maybe get new ones). FAIL.
20. Clean out my closet, and stop hoarding clothes that I never wear.
21. Be kind, caring, and more available especially to those who need me.
22. Have a girls night at least once a month (sorry Jess and Becca, I guess you have to do this too). Successful thus far!
23. Look at events in life with a best-case instead of worst-case interpretation. Or just ask. (goal inspired by this article)
24. Make at least 5 of these crafts. Christmas, a time for crafting.
25. Drum Roll Please….. Lose 30 pounds! The loftiest (but totally achievable) goal on the list! So probably the most exciting part about this, I’m over halfway there. Yep. Totally crushing it. Writing about this in a separate post, because turns out I have a lot to say about it. Shocking, I know.


I am super duper happy with how 25 is coming along. 25 is like the chapter before what will probably be one of the best chapters in my book of life, and so I am trying to do everything I can to prepare for it. In the last 6 months I have made so many kind, passionate, and talented new friends, built stronger relationships with the people I love the most, and have felt so much happier and healthier in doing so. While I have pretty much no clue what 26 will hold, I love knowing that 25 has given me a plethora of new skills and experiences to be able to do almost anything I set my mind too.

Here’s to six more months of 25! Cheers!

24 Before 25


Today is my birthday! I already celebrated with my friends, but today I showered with sweets and treats at work. I will be leaving the high school I work at as a secretary in June, and it’s days like this that are going to make leaving hard.


I made a list of 24 things to do before I turn 25.

1. Not lose this list
2. Blog weekly
3. Get a 3.0 or higher at UNI
4. Go camping
5. Volunteer – I have 3 oportunities lined up already; College Hill Arts Festival, Sturgis Fall Car Show, College Hill Music Festival
6. Eat 1 meal at home a week
7. Make a make-up station in our room
8. Visit the Upper Penninsula
9. Attend the Galande Quaff in Jackson
10. Participate in Blog Life
11. Go to a baseball game
12. Go on a mother/daughter adventure – Minneapolis.. Ikea!
13. Make-over my blog
14. Purchase and use a disposible camera
15. Organize a clothing swap
16. Go to the botanical garden in Des Moines
17. Build a woodworking project
18. Read 10 books
19. Design a phone case collection
20. Craft more!
21. Work towards eating majority local
22. Do 1 random act of kindness a week
23. Take a dance class
24. Host trivia again


I will be visiting this list again on my half birthday, which seems like forever away but will probably come in a flash. The number 1 goal is not lose the list.

Thank you to everyone that has made my birthDAY so special! Especially Tina, Erin, Ryan and Justin, Ena, Lori, J’Kalein, Ben, Anthony, Emma, Marcy, and Colleen. I am stuffed, and so happy with all my gifts. Audrey and I are on our way to a wedding in Grinnell tonight. We are camping at Rock Creek State tonight. Please keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t rain on us!