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Falling For Southern California


I have a few autumnal-obsessed friends who were very concerned about me missing fall, ya’ll. And I have to admit when I left Iowa for warm and sunny SoCal, I was a little sad about it too. I mean, there are almost no deciduous trees, rarely the need to wear a sweater and a scarf (although I currently am and it’s totally 92 degrees outside *air conditioning*), and certainly no sign of a first frost. Then, on Saturday morning I took a walk, something I do most Saturday mornings. I’ll leave my apartment around 7:00 am, listen to a podcast, and stop to take the occasional picture of a flower or the sun coming through the trees just right.


But this Saturday felt different.. it felt like fall. It was in the 60’s, cool enough for a sweater and leggings. As I set out down my usual path, I noticed my surroundings looked a little different. There seemed to be more roses than I had seen in the previous weeks, this time in all sorts of autumnal colors like peaches and yellows. I even discovered a pumpkin growing in someone’s garden near the sidewalk. But I think what had mostly changed was something inside of me. I was seeing the world through a different lens; I felt like fall. I was going to compare myself to a deciduous tree, but I think that might be taking it too far.


There are pumpkin spice lattes, and maroon lipstick, and my too many pairs of ankles boots in California. Trader Joe’s offers practically everything in pumpkin flavor, it’s still football season, and my Mom promised to send me her chili recipe. While I will continue to miss those crisp walks from my house to The Hill and Box Company apples, I think I’ve found a new fall, one that I love just as much.


Weekend Wrap-Up| November


What a normal weekend! Friday night I went to the grand opening of Ulta with my friend Dara. We didn’t buy the whole store, so I’m really proud of us. On my way home I grabbed a burrito from Pablo’s and spent the rest of the night relaxing on the couch. Audrey brought me home these Sippin’ Specs from the World’s Largest Truck Stop. Best thing to drink orange soda with.


Saturday I did a bunch of blog stuff, cleaned the house a bit, and then head up the Third Eye to check-out Jessica’s new tattoo. Later that night I went on a date with Audrey and Graham. We went to see Interstellar. The movie was a little mind boggling. It seemed very realistic, and we all walked away like “whoa.” Certainly an award winning movie. If you like sci-fi I would highly recommend it! But be prepared, it’s over 3 hours long.


After the movie we headed downtown for some drinks. I didn’t take many pictures, but Graham ran into a friend and their embrace was too cute. Another great night out on the town with my babes!


Sunday morning I worked on my October Favorites, if you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here! We went to breakfast (my lunch), at the Cedar Falls Family Resturant. It has such a small town vibe, and pretty tasty food. I had a delicious chocolate shake, and good ole bacon and eggs. Yes, those things are good together.


I did a little shopping for my tree with my Mom that afternoon. Audrey made us amazing ham sandwiches for dinner, and we watched a couple documentaries. Overall the weekend was very relaxing, which was great to have as we gear up for another busy week, and weekend.


Peas and Carrot will be playing Studio One on Iowa Public Radio on Tuesday. Be sure to tune in to 90.9 in you live in the Cedar Valley at 7:00 pm to hear their set! Or you can attend the live recording at UNI in Communcations Building! Make sure to arrive early!

Have a wonderful week,
Sweet Hannah Pea

Fall Bits


1. Quiet moments by the creek in our backyard
2. Playing dress-up at Target! Bought this dress for $7!!
3. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
4. The start of my tree for the Festival of Trees
5. For Audrey’s birthday, my parents gave her 2 tickets to Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show
6. It was so much fun to get the opportunity to see what it might have been like to see The Rat Pack.

This is the first weekend in FOREVER that we don’t have something going on. I’m going to work on my tree a bunch, and hopefully finish it. I have some serious studying that needs to be done for Economics. I also want to eat a bunch of really hearty delicious foods.. because it’s the weekend, and I’m hungry. I will be back tomorrow with my first post of monthly favorites, be it beauty products, tv shows, music, whatever!

Happy Friday!
Sweet Hannah Pea

Weekend Wrap-Up; A Productive One


This weekend was pretty great, unfortunately Audrey was sick, but it ended up being a nice break for me. On Friday night I hung out with my gal pals, Jessica and Becca. Becca just got a baby guinea pig, Kuro. He’s so freakin’ cute, oh my gosh. On Saturday and most of Sunday I stayed home all day with my sick little lady. I went grocery shopping, did a face mask, visited our other cat, Rowdy, made an amazing breakfast, baked zucchini bread, organized and cleaned our multipurpose room, baked pine cones, and ended the weekend with breakfast for dinner with my Dad. It’ s finally fall!


Have a great week!