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Another Week


Well, my blog post calendar/schedule slightly failed. It’s been 12 days since I wrote my last post. However, if I get as far to hit publish on this post, I will have outdone last month’s count. This week is Spring Break, meaning there is no cap on my hours at work. You can sure as heck bet I am working the full 40 hours. Talk about a vacation.


The weather is finally starting to warm up. It’s been raining off and on the last two days. My peonies and daffodils poked their heads above the cold black dirt early last week. The leaves have been raked, and the trash from all these filth bucket college students has been disposed of. To say I’m ready for my favorite to season to be begin would be an understatement. I have always had an affinity for spring, likely because it’s my birthday season, but also because I love watching the world bloom. And it’s certainly not just nature, I think even people start to poke their heads out of the dirt.


I’ve been focusing much of my time on my professional future. Mostly by obsessing over my resume, following the leads of a few people who have been so kind as to offer advice and connections, and a lot just down right whining with my new found friend, Brooke. As May 7th creeps ever closer, you can’t help but feel the serious pressure of adulthood. I know I’ve said this many times, I am feeling both excited and terrified, and the degree to which I’m affected by those feelings changes daily. Today, I’m hopeful that this week I will perfect my resume and get it into the right hands before the end of April.


I’ve been feeling a little rough around the edges. With all the ‘get out and there and adult’ stuff, it’s easy to find comfort in candy. I’ve totally plateaued in the weight loss world. Not that it’s all about losing weight, but I was on a roll for a while. I think now that I can ride my bike again, if I can just avoid emotional eating, I will kick my 25 Before 26 goal, no problem. But, for more immediate results, I went to see my dear friend Jac at the salon yesterday. Four hours later and…


I couldn’t be happier. Jac is a hair Goddess. If you live in the area, make an appointment with her at Hair Biz on San Marnan.

-Saturday at the post office, the old boxes are my favorite
-There’s something for everyone at the thrift store
-Catching a UNI game at Toads with Mom, I went for the company and chips
-Babes out on Main
-Sunset bike ride with Brynn
-Lunch on the roof of the Union with the bros
-Breakfast nachos, a new regular
-Silver hair wasn’t built in a day, but stage one sure is pretty

Where I’ve Been










Between school, work, school, my social life, and school, I’ve had almost no motivation to blog. I was blogging here for two of my classes, but have since realized the crazy amount of writing/posting I would be doing, and thus decided to move that to a separate blog, here . For 21 days in January/February I tried Whole30. I gave it a pretty good shot, succeeding in not eating what you weren’t supposed to, but I also just kind of stopped eating.. So that didn’t work out so well. I did however walk away with some new insight on making some of my favorite foods more healthy, and a few less pounds which I have kept off (mostly). My life has basically consisted of school work. I think, after a month, I have finally gotten the hang of the grind. I am ready to focus again on the things that make me most happy again .. My blog, and the stuff I blog about (duh)! So, welcome back, and please keep coming back because I promise I will now be posting regularly again!

1. Max and Sally sharing the bathtub faucet. Mornings at the watering hole are the best.
2. A painting by Claire Stigliani – I am the luckiest human being on earth. Marie, who I have mentioned on my blog several times (my Mom’s bff/neighbor), has the most talented kid(s). Her daughter, Claire, is an amazing artist (check out her website!). This is a piece of her’s called Days We Lie Around Eating Cake & Chocolate, from 2010. It the the actual professionally framed piece from her collection. I have admired it since the day Maria hung it on her wall. Claire is probably my favorite artist. I have several more of her prints, which I will be hanging in our spare bedroom, but this baby had to go in the living room. I can’t believe it’s in MY living room. Shut. Up. Thank you forever to Marie.
3. French Toast Crunch is back!
4-5. The cheese-y-est grilled cheese I’ve ever made. Both Audrey and Graham said it was one of the best they’d ever had.
6. Little Sally the (sometimes) lap cat
7. Makeup brushes that need a bath.
8. A homemade heart shaped pizza — andouille sausage, bacon, onions, Brussels sprouts, feta, mozzarella, and probably other stuff because why not.
9. I am addicted to playing rummy thanks to this shark.

Weekend Wrap-Up: Babe Time


Another picture of our first pretty snow, and Thursday night Audrey and Graham made enchiladas for dinner, so I had a margarita after.


This weekend was full of spending time with friends. Friday Audrey, Maranda, and I went to our friend Valerie’s art opening. I spent the rest of the night catching up on Vampire Diaries. On Saturday my Mom and I started painting the bathroom. It was an awful brown called sauteed mushroom. Obviously it needed to go, ASAP! That night I went out with a whole pack of friends, and had a blast. Sunday we finished painting the bathroom. Some friends and I got together to eat pizza and spend some time as a group before our friends Jon and Sierra move to New York. I think that was my favorite part of the weekend because I finally got to meet little Marlys. And my friend Eisley was there. And.. I got 6 inches of my hair chopped off! It is finally vacation so I stayed out a little later playing darts with Audrey, Jessica, and BJ.

This week is full of DIY’s, and eating, of course!

I will be back on Thanksgiving for sure to post all of the things I’ve been thankful for this past year.

Sweet Hannah Pea

I Feel Itchy

That’s quite possible the worst title for a post ever. But, I do. I was sitting in class yesterday, and my stomach got a bit itchy. When I got to lunch I had these little bug bite looking marks all over me. Well by the time 2:30 hit, my stomach and back were covered in hives. I ended up in urgent care, and had to get 2 shots in butt. Audrey bought me a ton of candy and taco bell to help me feel better, which of course I did. The Benadryl really knocked me out though, so no blogging yesterday. My hives came back, in less force, today. But I went to the doctor again. They have no clue what’s wrong with me, and neither do I.

Anyway! I have a bunch of fun ideas for post for the remainder of the month, and December, so these ear infections, hives, etc, better hit the road! Last week was absolutely crazy! There was something going on almost every single night. So instead of a weekend wrap-up, I’m going to just share some photos from the week, and in a few separate posts I will share lots of live music photos!









1. My friend Carol dropped off this little gift for Audrey and I. She is just so darn sweet. Clearly she knows the way to my heart, solar dancers!
2. Audrey and Graham cooking dinner. I love our little family.
3. My first crab cake! I had never had a crab cake before, and I don’t particularly like food of the sea, so Graham made me a little tiny one. I tried to eat a normal size one, but I think mini crab cakes are the best choice for me.
4. Prior to the hives I was having terrible dry skin, especially on my scalp. My friends Allison and Dara gave me a few suggestions. So far everything is really helping. My scalp feels so much better. I haven’t used dry shampoo since last Wednesday, and while I’m a total grease ball, it’s worth it. And, with the exception of the hives, the skin behind my legs hasn’t itched at all. My tattoos are also looking less ashy!
5. Thursday my friend Terri sponsored a table for us at the annual Children and Family Counsel trivia game fundraiser. Sommer came with me, and we shared a table with some of my old West High staff friends.
6. Our awesome team got 2nd!
7. We had our first pretty snow on Saturday. I hate snow. But even I can’t deny that those big fluffy flakes, and no wind is really pretty.
8. Audrey and I love playing King’s Corner. Have you ever played?

Well that’s all I have for tonight! I will be back soon with all the pictures of live music I took last week. Audrey played 4 shows!

Sweet Hannah Pea

Weekend Wrap-Up| November


What a normal weekend! Friday night I went to the grand opening of Ulta with my friend Dara. We didn’t buy the whole store, so I’m really proud of us. On my way home I grabbed a burrito from Pablo’s and spent the rest of the night relaxing on the couch. Audrey brought me home these Sippin’ Specs from the World’s Largest Truck Stop. Best thing to drink orange soda with.


Saturday I did a bunch of blog stuff, cleaned the house a bit, and then head up the Third Eye to check-out Jessica’s new tattoo. Later that night I went on a date with Audrey and Graham. We went to see Interstellar. The movie was a little mind boggling. It seemed very realistic, and we all walked away like “whoa.” Certainly an award winning movie. If you like sci-fi I would highly recommend it! But be prepared, it’s over 3 hours long.


After the movie we headed downtown for some drinks. I didn’t take many pictures, but Graham ran into a friend and their embrace was too cute. Another great night out on the town with my babes!


Sunday morning I worked on my October Favorites, if you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here! We went to breakfast (my lunch), at the Cedar Falls Family Resturant. It has such a small town vibe, and pretty tasty food. I had a delicious chocolate shake, and good ole bacon and eggs. Yes, those things are good together.


I did a little shopping for my tree with my Mom that afternoon. Audrey made us amazing ham sandwiches for dinner, and we watched a couple documentaries. Overall the weekend was very relaxing, which was great to have as we gear up for another busy week, and weekend.


Peas and Carrot will be playing Studio One on Iowa Public Radio on Tuesday. Be sure to tune in to 90.9 in you live in the Cedar Valley at 7:00 pm to hear their set! Or you can attend the live recording at UNI in Communcations Building! Make sure to arrive early!

Have a wonderful week,
Sweet Hannah Pea