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I Will Never Be An Accountant

Phew! I just have some rambling to get out about the events that consumed the majority of my day. It has been a sort of rollercoaster-y up and down, mostly down, which I think would a pretty crazy rollercoaster because at this point you’d probably be underground, kind of day. My day has been down because I dove into my second round of summer classes. Two online courses, one is a humanities course, Russia and the Soviet Union. The other is Accounting. The up, the Russia class. The down. The way down. The took-the-rollercoaster-underground, in the dark, the sounds-cool-but-it’s-really-terrifying down, Accounting. I am just not a numbers a person. Even the language used has me all worked up.

I used to not care about grades, or really even education in general. I always saw it as something that wasn’t for me, that I just couldn’t do. Don’t get me wrong, if I enjoyed a class, I would absolutely go and listen. But attendance, and studying, and getting so worked up over something as small as a score on a test that wouldn’t even matter when the class ended, I didn’t get that stuff. But here I am, a 25 year old woman, totally freaking out over studying, and that one single test score.

Perhaps it’s that in the last couple years, I have realized the opportunities that working hard on an education can potentially give you. Or that the people who are offering up these pearls of wisdom are actually smart people, who happen to have a wealth of knowledge over a topic that can benefit me in some way. Or that I finally appreciate the opportunities that my freaking amazing, **appreciation tears welling up in eyeballs** beautiful, magical parents have given me. Overall, I would say it definitely has something to do with all of those, and most importantly, finding your niche.

So today, while working on something that is absolutely not, and never will be, my niche, I broke down. I was at work, alone thankfully, and just lost it. Started crying, and thinking that I might literally be the dumbest human ever. After a few minutes I realized that I was at work, and that anyone could walk through the door, so I needed to get my shit together. But I also remembered, hey, yo gurl, this isn’t your thing. It’s going to be hard. Ask for help, even if you don’t even know what kind of help you need. Don’t just break down crying because when your credit and debits worksheet is wrong the stupid website you’re using says “Um, you’ve answered wrong so many times we are just going to give you the answer so you can move on to the next problem.” WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO TEACH ME, WEBSITE?!

So tonight after some Audrey talks, and some Mom talks, and a little more crying, and some ice cream, I am not just giving up on Accounting (although that would be awesome, UNI, can we just do that?). I did however put it away for today. Tomorrow Audrey is going to see if she can help me. And then hopefully next week I will find a unicorn of a tutor who can help me understand whatever the heck accounting actually is.

I know I won’t get an A. And no matter how much I learn from this class or use the knowledge in the future, the textbook will never be worth the $200 spent on it. But, maybe I will come out of this class with a high C. Then I can say to myself, you did it! You practically crushed it! You should still always higher an accountant.


Fall Bits


1. Quiet moments by the creek in our backyard
2. Playing dress-up at Target! Bought this dress for $7!!
3. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
4. The start of my tree for the Festival of Trees
5. For Audrey’s birthday, my parents gave her 2 tickets to Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show
6. It was so much fun to get the opportunity to see what it might have been like to see The Rat Pack.

This is the first weekend in FOREVER that we don’t have something going on. I’m going to work on my tree a bunch, and hopefully finish it. I have some serious studying that needs to be done for Economics. I also want to eat a bunch of really hearty delicious foods.. because it’s the weekend, and I’m hungry. I will be back tomorrow with my first post of monthly favorites, be it beauty products, tv shows, music, whatever!

Happy Friday!
Sweet Hannah Pea

Being Busy Is Okay

flowers from audrey

I know I’ve mentioned this a couple times, but I’m the kind of person that needs a lot of reassurance, at least about somethings.. It’s okay to be busy! When it comes to priorities, my blog, while in the top 10, isn’t that important right now. So here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing. Things are really moving along in our house. We have a spare room on our main floor that is half my glamifying spot, and eventually the other half will be a sort of workout area. This weekend my sweet Dad helped me set up make-up station/Mirrorland. We hung my full length mirror, my beautiful circle mirror, a small magnifying mirror from Ikea, and a chandelier also from Ikea. Yeah, it’s amazing. I still want to change out a couple pieces of furniture, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’ve already been able to spend more time doing my hair and makeup, which is one of my favorite ways de-stress, and gives me more confidence throughout the day.

PnC audrey's boots

The weekend before last I went down to Iowa City with Peas and Carrot. It was the last PnC show for a while as they are starting to record their EP this week. Also in music news, one of my absolute favorite bands played at Octopus this weekend, Gloom Balloon. If you ever get a chance to see them, be ready to dance. Patrick and Chris make the coolest music, and are so much fun to watch. They dance through the crowd, climb all over each other, and have awesome visuals to go along with every song. It’s basically one big sing-a-long dance party. I can’t get enough of them!

Salad Chicken Salad Pablos 2

Audrey and I have been going strong with eating healthy! We are just finishing up week 2.. I think? I am so bad at keeping track of time (hence the blog). We did have some pizza this weekend, but I mean.. I have a slice of pizza tattooed on my body.. I have to eat pizza or I will die. We’ve been eating a lot of chicken salads. Now that I’m feeling more energized and actually enjoying healthier foods, I’m starting to add a little cheese and starch back into my diet. I bought a couple different kinds of Laughing Cow cheese, and reduced fat Wheat Thins. Those with a slice of tomato or peach on top is my new favorite snack.

I’ve also been doing yoga! My best friend Anna has been partaking in month long challenges on Instagram, and really inspired me to give it a go this month. If you want to see my progress check out other instagram, HannahsHealthEats. It is a bit odd to put pictures of yourself doing yoga on the internet, but it really holds you accountable. I’ve also received so much support from the other participants in the challenge, it’s a great feeling. Next weekend Anna is coming to town and we are going to go out into the world and take some better quality pictures of each other in the upcoming poses. There’s just not a lot you can do with your girlfriend’s laptop camera and the self timer in terms of quality.

cupcake cupcake 2

School is still going well, at least I think it is. I’ve yet to actually have to turn anything in, or take any quizzes or tests. I guess other than my gut feeling that I’m doing it right, I don’t actually know, but hey, no tests, not complaining.

Now that I’m getting more into the swing of things, such as my new job on campus, and a homework schedule, I should be able to blog more. I know social media is not as important as some things, but I really love it! So keep checking back for updates!

1. A bouquet from Hillcrest Farms that Audrey gave me
2. Peas and Carrot at The Yatch Club in Iowa City
3, 4. A couple chicken salads
5. A burrito in a bowl from Pablo’s
6, 7. The last Scratch Cupcake I might ever eat (yeah, right). This one was the Bangerang, read all about it here!

Sweet Hannah Pea

A Little Vacation


On Saturday night Audrey and I will be leaving for Michigan. First we will stop at my cousin’a house in Appleton, Wisconsin. Then it’s on to the Upper Peninsula! My Dad has mapped out the best places for us to hike, and I can’t wait to show Audrey all my favorite spots! I will return next Thursday and post all the details that Friday, unless I find some free time while we are there. I am considering doing a little video/vlog! We shall see!1. We went to an afternoon baseball and with Matt the other afternoon. We lost but I was a beautiful day.
2. My Dad made us dinner! Almost all fresh veggies too! So yum.
3. Another fun night out with Liberty.
4. A very mosquito-y walk through Hartman Reserve.
5. A little frog that crossed our path on our walk.

6. My hiking buddy. 
7. Celebrated 1 year with my sweet little Sally. She was not thrilled to commemorate this moment



I relate my feelings about Bloglovin’ as some people do to reading on a Kindle.. It’s just not the same. BUT, I’m often easily swayed by “new” things after trying them a few times, so here it goes! For those of you unfamiliar with Bloglovin’, it is a website where you can follow all the blogs you read on one site. As those blogs are updated, the new posts appear in a personalized feed.

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