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New Year, New Me

The title of this post is just a joke. Chill out, internet. I’m sure I’ll be relatively the same in 2017, but isn’t it fun to come up with a few goals so that at the end of the year I can reflect on how the 26 Before 27 goal of watching less TV directly impacted my New Years ‘get abs’ goal.


Goal One: GET ABS. I know that sounds pretty vain and a little gross, but it would require a lot of hard work and dedication that would better my overall health. So I want abs. Is that too much to ask? Just like four abs, even two would be great!

Goal Two: GET A FRIDAY THE 13TH TATTOO. There are two opportunities to accomplish this in 2017. On the hunt for a $13 deal.. now there is a tattoo in LA I could afford.

Goal Three: SAVE MONEY. Future Hannah, please be patting yourself on the back, or the wallet, for accomplishing this one. Like, come. on. You’ve sucked at money for way too long. It’s not that hard. Don’t buy shit you don’t need.

Goal Four: SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BLOG. That’s vague, huh? I just want to be better at it. Patty says I probably have hard time committing to creative outlets because.. something about planets being in retrograde at the time of my birth. I believe it. I really want to show up here. For me, and for you too, my wonderful audience who has been so encouraging that I’ve just left hanging. Which leads me too goal five..

Goal Five: TAKE ALL OF THE PICTURES. I got a beautiful, very stylish, leather camera bag from Jo Totes for Christmas. So there is no excuse to not take my camera with my everywhere I go. I want to be the documentarian I know I am capable of being. The more photos I take, the more I will enjoy taking them. It’s a win-win.

Goal Six: POST AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO EVERYDAY. This goes hand in hand with the previous goal, but I posted less than 200 gramhammers in 2016. For a person who loves the gram so much, I don’t share often enough.

Goal Seven: SIT UP STRAIGHT, you slouch monster.

What are you goals for the new year? Are you a New Year, New You kind of person or more of a it’s 2017? kind of person? I’m kicking the year off with another Whole30, reading a new book, and feeling rather humbled by my recent trip back to Iowa.


Side Hustle

I’m putting together a running list of potential side hustles, or just like, stuff to do that could make money. I think I might love 10 part-part time jobs instead 1 full-time job. Sounds more fun.
Wedding florist, but just being an assembler. You tell me what to do.
Cleaning lady for adorable elderly folk. My Mom does this for a real sweetheart, and when she tells me about how cute he is playing bridge and such with his friends, I get so jealous. I need more people over 75 in my life.
Babysitter for my friends, so that I can be an Aunt to like 19 children and eventually be the cool Aunt who picks them up from their first high school party when cops bust it. I’d pretend to be their Mom, and then not tell their Mom until they go to college. I hope none of my parent friends read this. And if you are, I’m CPR and lifeguard certified.. so that outweighs all my schemes.
Baker, ideally cake decorator but that might require some experience. And if we are being extra picky, I’d want to work for a home baker. I wouldn’t find the early mornings bad at all, or the sugar.
Website updater, that’s an official title. I tell Nicole all the time that I would happily update her blog, but I could do this in so many different capacities for a variety of businesses. For example, with Nicole, I’d correspond with her client via email about their family. Their names, their kids ages, what their family likes to do together, cute stuff. Then I’d put their answers into a post with all of the beautiful images Nicole created. **Nic, hire me.**
Vintage hunter/salvage-er. I’ve got a place in mind that I’d like to shop for to help curate their perfect store.. technically this job would be a called a buyer, but I think that’s too formal. I recently found my new favorite show, Salvage Dawgs (terrible name), which inspired me to want to salvage stuff. They go into abandon houses, or houses that are about to be torn down, and they rip like everything out of it. Some physical labor every so often wouldn’t be bad at all.. not to mention I’d happily occasionally trade that labor for amazing finds to put in my own space.
Christmas tree decorator (!!DREAM JOB ALERT!!), cause some people actually hate doing this. What. How? But actually, great, cause I will happily do it for you. I could also wrap presents too. Give me all the Christmas related jobs. I will even shop for you.
Painter, another job I’m stealing from my Mom (Mom, want to start a business?). And by painter, I mean, of walls in your house. My Mom taught me how paint like pro. You pick the color and move the furniture out of the way, and I’ll do the rest.

Alright that’s where the list stands today. I could also do some lawn and garden care, maybe open an Etsy shop, and maybe eventually I’d really like to teach a college class or two. What are your side hustles?


Kind of a Stream of Consciousness

I’m experiencing writers block, or maybe not really. There is a part of me that wants to post on here every day, but not just your usual blog-y content, which is what I’m struggling to write. Recently, I was telling my dear friend Zach how back in day (yes, I can say that) we used to blog every day about whatever, from what we had for lunch, to fights with our parents, or how cute so and so looked in those skinny white jeans and studded white belt. That was before blogging was a job, or photo editing was making pictures more beautiful not just putting them in sepia tone, or social media was actually called social media and not MySpace. Sure, I was a teenager, but I was so excited to come home and plop down in front of the family computer to write on my blog and chat with my friends on AIM. I miss that excitement.


An embarrassing photo of some of the first bloggers circa 2005. Please note the belts.

Last night I got to see Joy Cho speak on panel hosted by Grace Bonney. BLOGOSPHERE QUEENS. I mean, they started their career-forming blogs when I was a teenager wearing hot pink eye shadow. These women inspire me. But their blogs, their social media, it all has an atheistic. It is all a brand. They don’t write about dating, or struggling to pay their bills, or wanting to set Donald Trump’s hair on fire. The further I dive into the idea that I might want to be a blogger, I’m realizing to have a blog that pays your bills, it has to fit a bill. You have to teach people something, or review something, or round-up something, and all of those somethings have to be generally appealing to the same broad audience. There is this quote on the front page of Design*Sponge today from Cheryl Day that says “own your style and don’t even think you have to change who you are to be successful.” And I sort of just want to scream LIES!


Alright so maybe you don’t have to change who you are, but you have to edit yourself. You have to pick something. You have to have direction. I can just hear my Mom saying, well yes, you do. But Mom, why?! Why can’t I just do every thing I want to do? Why can’t that be my style? Why can’t I write about how guys send me creepy messages on Tinder, what lipsticks I’m obsessed with right now, how cool *pun* the Arctic is, and open a flower shop, and be an interior decorator, and run for city council? Well Nan (this is my pet name as an adult, which I prefer over my childhood name, Pookie), you just can’t do everything right now. You’ll figure out. Just be patient. Okay, Mom, you can get out of my blog post now. Love you!

Patience. Something I have just about none of. Interest. Something I have for just about everything. My Mom is mostly right (all the time), doing everything is kind of impossible, and I do need to pick a direction, and I will figure it out. I’ve been figuring out. This post is just another step in the figuring. And here’s what I’ve figured today, I’m going to stop trying to brand this blog. I’m going to write as much as I want, whenever I want, about whatever I want, and that’s going to be my style. It might take away from the potential of this blog ever becoming my main hustle, but you know what, if I change my mind I will set all the posts that don’t fit to private and keep movin’ on.


Just Tuesday | A Sort-Of Update


As it is a new year, it seems like an appropriate time to consider some fresh ideas. In 2015 I wrote for an online magazine called Odyssey, or The Odyssey (I’m not sure they could make up their minds). While I truly enjoyed the writing part, there were a few things I just really didn’t enjoy about it. This semester I have chosen not to write for them, and instead I would like to start writing more editorial pieces here on the blog. For example, are eyebrows the new lipstick? Or why do people think it’s some kind of miracle when a college student arrives someplace in the morning? Are there any topics you’d like me to enthusiastically go on about?

I also spent the weekend mulling over my future, oh wait, I do that every second of every day. This weekend felt a little different though. I am constantly on fence between excited and terrified. I can literally see the days melting (or not so much, it’s currently 7 degrees outside) away before I walk across the stage at graduation. Before this weekend, that made me want to barf, but I think I have finally reached pure excitement. It has been, and will continue to be hard to not want to cram every single thing possible into these next few months, but focusing on realistic, obtainable goals needs to be front and center. I want to finish my eight years of college in the best mental and physical condition of my life. *insert cheering and applause*

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On Saturday, the 27th of June, Audrey’s Dad and his fiance were married! We drove down to Des Moines to celebrate with the two of them. It was a beautiful day and they were so happy. Not to mention I had the best steak of my life. That Sunday Octopus put on a benefit show for a kids Lego League. It was the cutest show to ever happy at the Octopus. Peas and Carrot played, so my family got to enjoy their musical stylings, which was certainly a highlight of their trip.

1. Ines and I
2. Ines, Audrey, and Myself
3-4. Classic Audrey and her Dad
5. Ralph and Amelia a.k.a. World’s Best Father-Daughter Team, checking out No Banana’s. Amelia was the host of the evening, and she did a phenomenal job.
6-7.My family taking over Octopus, and watching PnC.
8. Family from both my Dad and my Mom’s side, I’m #blessed.