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Weekend Wrap-Up: Beach Babes

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I can’t believe how fast July has come and now almost gone! Audrey was busy working all day on Friday. After getting a few things done at home, I picked up Liberty and we headed down to the beach. I was beyond thrilled to finally hang out on a beach! We hunted for shells, found a little crawdaddy, and enjoyed the slightly overcast afternoon. I was on the hunt for a full mussel shell, which Liberty found! Check it out after the jump!

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Weekend Wrap-Up: Des Moines with Peas and Carrot

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Another great weekend! How am I so lucky to have all this fun?! On Friday night I went to BBQLoo with The Hoeckers. Maranda and I decided to eat as much as physically possible. We had pulled pork, brisket, smoked corn, ribbon fries, and funnel cake. I tried to stop by tropical night at Octopus but I was just so freakin’ full I could only handle one, very blue and tropical ‘Pool Water’ drink, and then I had to go home. On Saturday Jessica and I went to Eisley’s first birthday party. I got her a picnic table, which she seemed to like! It was great to catch up with Eisley’s Mom, Nicole, and a few other pals I hadn’t seen in a while. After we left I felt so old.. I was ‘catching up’ with ‘old pals’ at a little kids birthday party. I can remember when I was little my parents would sometimes have a ‘kids party’ and then an ‘adults party’ for my birthday, and now I’m going to the adults party. What the heck.

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Weekend Wrap-Up: 4th of July

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What a wonderful holiday weekend! On Friday I had breakfast with my dear friend Zach. We went on a little walk downtown Waterloo, and stopped in a park to chat for a bit. That afternoon I picked up Jessica and we met Becca at the Cedar Falls Skate Park for the 2nd Annual 4th of July Skate Park show. It was a blast, and supported a great cause this year! The proceeds from the event went to Girls Rock Iowa City, an organization that encourages young girls to be involved in music. Not to mention there were several awesome bands; Strong City, Lipstick Homicide, So Happy To Be Here, and Lover’s Speed to name a few. Around 10 we headed over to Octopus to catch Holy White Hounds, and Dylan Sires & Neighbors. Despite missing 80/35 in Des Moines, I think the Cedar Valley had an equally awesome live music line-up on the 4th!

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On Saturday we went to a cookout at my parents house. Marie, my Mom’s neighbor and good friend, made homemade shortcakes, with homemade whip cream, a favorite of mine! On Sunday Audrey and I went to see Deliver Us From Evil. I thought it was terrifying, and according to Audrey it was “alright”. Went spent much of the weekend lounging as we were both exhausted. Audrey worked all day on the 4th, and I partied all day.

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I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did. Tonight Audrey is a featured performer at Ink! Performance Slam at Octopus. She’s playing her new banjo!! I might be more excited than she is. Tomorrow I am going berry picking, and on Thursday I am off to Clear Lake with my Dad to start learning to sail! This week on the blog I will be sharing some of my favorite beauty products, and a little garden update.
Also a big shout to readers Burton and Chloe! They tried the Pork Fajita Salad recipe and reported it a tasty success. They’re getting married next weekend, so congratulations in advance!

Lost Photos of June

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1. Seeing Rose’s handbags in White Rabbit in Iowa City. I LOVE P A L O M A!
2&3. Peas and Carrot at Sidecar Coffee
4. Sally looking stoic
5. Chipper! We were supposed to go boating this day, but it rained.
6. Flowers on the Goodknight’s porch
7. A sunset in the Beer Garden at Octopus

Just a couple photos that I never got around to posting last month. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

Weekend Wrap-Up: Sturgis Falls

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Every year during the last weekend of June, Cedar Falls, my hometown and Waterloo’s neighboring town, celebrate Sturgis Falls. It’s like any other town celebration but it is my favorite weekend. It’s the time of year when everyone is home visiting, and there is lots of delicious food. I love running into old friends, and catching up with the ones that are still in town but that I don’t see as often.

On Friday I had lunch with my Mom in the park; tenderloins and JR donuts! She is on the board for Sturgis and has been working for almost the year last in preparation of this weekend. She is taking over coordinating all of the food vendors. Next year will be her first year running it alone, and after this year I can tell she will have no trouble at all doing so! That evening Jessica and I made our rounds from Sturgis Falls to Main Street. We rode a ride at the carnival, ran into a bunch of friends, and ended the night with pizza!

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On Saturday I went to the Sturgis Falls Parade with my parents, a yearly tradition, if I can get myself out of bed. After, we met Audrey in the park for lunch. She had a Jurassic Corndog, which she was very excited about. We shared a cheese covered potato ribbon, and even rode one of the rides at the carnival.

That evening So Happy To Be Here opened for Peas and Carrot at a little bar on The Hill called The Library. It was a good turn out, and I got to hear two of my favorite local bands play!

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image 2image

On Sunday I checked off one of my 24 Before 25 goals, volunteer at the Sturgis Falls Car Show! Audrey and Walt tagged along to help me sell t-shirts. Unfortunately, like much of the weekend, it started raining. I just happen to have been lucky enough that every time I was outside this weekend and wanting to take pictures, the rain missed me. Audrey and I fell in love with that little car pictured above. Girls can dream! After the car show we grabbed some ice cream and went home to relax. Audrey made pork fajita salads for dinner so look forward to a My Chef Audrey post tomorrow!