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Los Angeles Staycation


A few weeks ago I had my first official vacationing visitor! What does that even mean? Like, she was on vacation and came to stay with me and hang out with me. Yep, I’m pretty special. My fellow brunch loving babe, Brynn, came out to enjoy the last few days of California summer and I couldn’t have been more excited. While she was here we ate In n Out, shopped on Abbott Kinney, visited my favorite light house (which I finally got see up close!!!), I sprained my ankle, we had a few drinks, and hung on the beach. Oh yes, you read that right, I sprained my ankle.. which altogether ruined the remaining plans I had for her visit, but we made of the best of it.



Pictures include: a mural of Venice past, the best fries ever, rooftop views in Marina del Ray, Point Vicente Light House and the museum on the grounds, a picture of a random stranger (BUT LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!!! HOW COULD I NOT TAKE A PICTURE?!), brunch at Suburbia – bottomless mimosas and Golden French Toast: ricotta, figs, honey & almonds, Manhattan Beach, and drinks at Cole’s.


Falling For Southern California


I have a few autumnal-obsessed friends who were very concerned about me missing fall, ya’ll. And I have to admit when I left Iowa for warm and sunny SoCal, I was a little sad about it too. I mean, there are almost no deciduous trees, rarely the need to wear a sweater and a scarf (although I currently am and it’s totally 92 degrees outside *air conditioning*), and certainly no sign of a first frost. Then, on Saturday morning I took a walk, something I do most Saturday mornings. I’ll leave my apartment around 7:00 am, listen to a podcast, and stop to take the occasional picture of a flower or the sun coming through the trees just right.


But this Saturday felt different.. it felt like fall. It was in the 60’s, cool enough for a sweater and leggings. As I set out down my usual path, I noticed my surroundings looked a little different. There seemed to be more roses than I had seen in the previous weeks, this time in all sorts of autumnal colors like peaches and yellows. I even discovered a pumpkin growing in someone’s garden near the sidewalk. But I think what had mostly changed was something inside of me. I was seeing the world through a different lens; I felt like fall. I was going to compare myself to a deciduous tree, but I think that might be taking it too far.


There are pumpkin spice lattes, and maroon lipstick, and my too many pairs of ankles boots in California. Trader Joe’s offers practically everything in pumpkin flavor, it’s still football season, and my Mom promised to send me her chili recipe. While I will continue to miss those crisp walks from my house to The Hill and Box Company apples, I think I’ve found a new fall, one that I love just as much.


Seeking A New Normal


Whoa, what. How has it been almost 3 weeks since my last post?! Also, am I going to say that every time I have an unexpected gap in my posts? Probably. Look, I moved 1800 miles to one of the largest cities in the US. It’s a lot to handle. And I’m going to milk that as an excuse for as long as possible.


What’s happened in August? Well, like I mentioned in my last post, I got an apartment. I moved in, along with my suitcases and my mattress. Then, I got another job. Omg, what? Yeah so that whole woodworking amazing dream job thing was a little too good to be true. Turns out if you want to live somewhere that costs money, you have to make money. I was just a little too.. anxiety ridden.. to not have a salaried job. So, I took a salaried job. It’s at an amazing advertising agency that is likely going to be a perfect fit for me, but clearly I better not speak too soon.


My AMAZING, like two heaven sent angels, parents came to LA! In tow, all my shit. Literally all of it, INCLUDING my cats! We moved everything in, and my Mom and I unpacked and decorated my room/apartment all last week. My Mom did so much while I was at work. I mean, when I become a Mom it is going to be SO MUCH WORK filling her shoes because she is the absolute best. I can’t tell you how good it was to see them after a very long 3 months. That might make me sound like a baby, but I really like my parents and clearly they’re pretty freakin’ cool. My Dad is here for an extra week, so this weekend I will be hanging out with him. He’s been staying up in Silver Lake which is why I haven’t seen him during the week like I could with my Mom.


This past weekend myself, my parents, and my half (but I feel like we can stop saying that now) brother, Sye, went for a little exploratory journey around South Bay. I wanted to show my parents my favorite light house, Pointe Vincent. On a bathroom break Sye discovered they have a museum! This was like the best news ever to me, all thanks to a whiz. The museum was surprisingly good for going so easily unnoticed. So good I might have to do an entire post on Pointe Vincent.


We then aimlessly made our way to San Pedro. We discovered this really cool pagoda with a massive bell, which turns out to be one of the largest bells in the world. The beautiful display was given to the US from South Korea in 1976. In celebration of the bicentennial, the bell serves as a sign of friendship and trust between the two nations. Have you ever seen a massive bell? Well, I can tell you the number one thing you think is, I really want to ring this bell. We didn’t, but the bell is rung five times a year, and one time is August 15. Yep, the day before yesterday. We missed it by ONE DAY! But I am so planning to go the next time it’s rung.


Other than that, I haven’t had time to do anything else to tell you about. But now that life is starting to settle down a bit, be a little more normal, I SWEAR I will be here and entertaining and informational. If there is anything in particular you’d like me to write about or a place you want me to go see, please let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an email at


A Little Good Luck


What a whirlwind these last two weeks have been. It started last Thursday when.. I GOT A JOB! Yippee! It’s basically my dream job. How the hell that happened, I have no idea. Well, Oprah would say it was opportunity meeting preparation, also known as luck. This past Monday I started as the social media/pr/office/store front manager at Von Lintel, a furniture design company. Yes, I am responsible for all of those things. Which is exactly what I wanted! I will also get the opportunity to actually do some building, which is super cool because I’d love to make furniture design and wood working a more regular hobby. The picture above is from inside the store front.


On Saturday, Jesse and I hiked around the Angeles National Forest. We spent what felt like just a few minutes in the car to get there. Absolutely one of the best parts about living in LA is how quickly you can go from city to nature. It was practically perfect weather, and we even saw a deer.. which park ranger Jesse then informed me meant there was likely a mountain lion near by. We never saw one, and I can’t say I was too disappointed by that.


I’ve also been spending a bunch of time with my brother. On Wednesday we biked around downtown. I recently discovered this amazing Polish street art duo called Etam Cru, and when I found out they had piece up in LA I had to see it. This one is called Mr. Rooster, and I think I’m in love. You can see more of their work here.


With Monday came more good news, which is almost official. Normally, I don’t like to share good news until it is official but.. I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE! I know, right. How is this all happening so quickly and so perfectly?! Andrew text me that his and Jesse’s neighbors were moving out, making their three bedroom available. He asked if I would want to move in with the two of them. I can bring the cats, I have my own bathroom, and I have a walk in closet. HELLO BEST DEAL EVER. I can’t wait to live with two awesome guys and get back into a normal schedule that involves my own bed and cooking regular meals.