Welcome to sweethannahpea, a personal blog created by me, Hannah Peterson! This blog has been around since 2012 (I started blogging in 2005 on OD, then Xanga, then LJ, then Blogspot.. wow, did I have enough blogs….). This is now a space where I share my everyday life, exciting adventures, beauty recommendations, and much much more. I hope that as you read, you get a sense of who I am; a bit of sarcasm, a lot of goal setting, two perfect kitties, some christmas decorations, and several of coats of matte lipstick.

I grew up in a university town in Northeastern Iowa (GO CATS!). I lived there for the majority of my 25+ years. I love my home state, which boasts it’s own kind of nice, butter sculptures and, what in my totally non-bias opinion, is one of the best music scenes in the country. However, when I graduated from college, I decided that just because I absolutely love home, it was time for me to make a new one. In May 2016 I moved to the sunny city of Los Angeles.

This move marks a great change in my life, from my first career, to a new landscape to explore, to building stronger relationships with family both near and far. I have big plans for the best coast. I want to learn some new skills like surfing, and better my photography and videography. I especially want to see all of the live music I can, and really soak up all of the cultureĀ a city of this size has to offer. I’m sure there will be lots of unexpected and super exciting adventures to be had along the way. Come along and let’s see what we can get up to!