Whoa, We’re Half Way There

Did you know this website almost died? My amazingly special magic unicorn coworker saved it. Like all the way saved it from the literal depths of hell. Thank you, Daniel. Thank you.

Today is my half birthday, so that means it’s one of two days a year I show up here. Let’s take a look at some photos from the last six months.

– Tiny Moving Parts at The Regent for my birthday – Boats at the pier in Long Beach – Dad and I on the Redondo Beach pier after a delicious meal at a fish place – Old pool balls in a museum – Anna visited LA for the first time! – The Broad – Alex’s Mom visited and we went to The Queen Mary – Views from my parking lot  – Jaws of Love – Ocean – Mom visited, was the most wonderful/kind/special/giving/love/perfect person and went beachcombing at Sunset Beach – Pinegrove in San Diego – Alex and I at a Lakers game – First Aid Kit at The Theatre at Ace Hotel – #bobawasted with Drake at the opening of Milk+T – Roberta’s Halloween party! – Dressed up as Eleven, too bad Alex was too tied up to have any fun (get it, LOL).

1. Move into my own apartment in Long Beach
2. Buy a new bed and mattress
3. Curate a cohesive interior design/style
4. Not go broke ehhhhhh, I did set up my 401k today.
5. Work hard. Work really really really hard, and then get a promotion
6. Accomplish all of my work goals
7. Use my soon to come-in-the-mail, holographic-cover, sticker-filled 2018 ban.do planner every day
8. Unplug more
9. Read 10 books I haven’t read one. Not even one.
10. Visit Seattle
11. Visit Boston
12. Visit Mexico City and Tulum with Anna
13. Go on two weekend camping trips
14. Eat more brunch
15. Smile and say hi to strangers (people actually do this in Long Beach!)
16. Send 100 pieces of mail, send me your address at sweethannahpea@gmail.com I need to keep track over the next six months, 100 is A LOT.
17. Steal more flowers for fresh arrangements Haven’t done this once since moving to Long Beach.
18. Eat more fish 
19. Go surfing
20. Find and photograph tidepools
21. Make a scrapbook of 2017
22. Play basketball Alex….
23. Put more recipes in my recipe book
24. Finish a coloring book
25. Go to a Dodgers game and a Kings game There is still hope for the Kings game. Failed at the Dodgers part, which is too bad seeing how good they were.
26. Go to 12 concerts Highlights include: Tiny Moving Parts, Bjork, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Now Now, Noname, Frank Ocean, Jaws of Love, Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, First Aid Kit, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile as Sea Lice, and Pinegrove three nights in a row. 
27. Master fake eyelashes

I feel like I’m doing not super great in terms of completion. I’ve written this list in the previously mentioned planner and will be checking in there more frequently. Hopefully, after that promotion, I will be able to take those trips to far off places, especially Mexico City to help support their tourism industry. Alex and I have a lot of vacation time coming up, so I’m crossing my fingers for camping, tidepools, books, brunch, and basketball.

See you in six months.

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