27 Before 28

Don’t rub your eyes, it will smudge your mascara.. you are seeing this correctly. You are reading a blog post from me, Hannah, the now 27-year-old. If somehow you’ve ended up here on this post and you’ve never been to this blog before, you should know, I am a terrible blogger. Like 6 months hiatus, terrible. I am also a person who loves lists and goal settings. For the last 3 or 4 years, I have made a list of goals to complete before my next birthday. My last post was also a list of goals. So, if you don’t like goals or lists, this would be a good time to exit.

Let’s start with the 26 goals before 27:

1. 30 Days Of Biking
Nope. After 2 years on the list, I’m ready to take this one off. It’s just not happening.

2. Get new glasses and wear them

3. Send 50 pieces of mail

4. Stop shoving stuff in closets
I mean, I still shove stuff in there, but it’s organized shoving, so that’s different.

5. Clean the bathroom and vacuum weekly
I certainly didn’t actually do this, but for my not birthday (she said it couldn’t be a birthday present), my Mom bought me a new vacuum, and I’m obsessed. Also, I’ve set aside one day a week to clean the bathroom.

6. Stop binge watching TV

7. Cook meals, eat the leftovers

8. Go on a film camera adventure

9. Take the train to San Diego
The train is expensive, so I drove. Had a great time with my beautiful host, Dara.

10. Drive up the 1 and camp Big Sur
I did take a ride up the 1, and it sparked a rather large fire in my heart which burning out of control. I have to get back and camp this summer.

11. Get on a surfboard (no need to put the pressure on actually learning to surf, just get on)

12. Take great care of the CR-V

13. Invest in some health related stuff: good shoes, Fitbit, gym membership, etc.
Got shoes, got a gym membership, canceled the gym membership, decided that a fit bit was unnecessary, saved money.

14. Budget, save money, don’t go hungry

15. Make a blog schedule, try and stick to it
Obviously, that never happened.

16. Find some friends in Los Angeles

17. Commit to weight training/find a great gym and an even better trainer
*insert excuses here*

18. Make 12 vlogs

19. Explore California – Joshua Tree/San Francisco/Running Springs/San Luis Obispo/Santa
I didn’t see nearly as much of California as I had hoped, but I did visit Palm Springs with my Mom (seriously miss that lady). I have, however, seen a lot of Los Angeles, and discovered a new favorite place, Long Beach.

20. Go to a LA Kings game
I never made it to a Kings game, but I saw the Lakers and the Clippers play.

21. Film a makeup tutorial

22. Drink at least 120 oz of water a day
I’m completely obsessed with my Joseph Joseph Dot water bottle. It has significantly increased my water consumption. I’d highly recommend purchasing one if you are struggling with this.

23. Buy a new camera lens

24. Learn enough LA history that I can give a super cool LA tour

25. Take a trip with the California Family – Mexico? Los Osos?
After recapping all of these goals, my biggest takeaway is life gets busy, for everyone. This year has been filled with so many experiences, I can’t feel too bad about not accomplishing some things on this list.

26. Lose 20 pounds

That year is over is done, so let’s not look back for too long. However, I did have some pretty great successes and moments I’d like to mention: drove 1800 miles to Los Angeles by myself, survived 2 months in Los Angeles without a job or a home *thank god for my Aunt Mary and Uncle Jon*, got a job after 2 months in Los Angeles at a kickass advertising agency, got an apartment, paid my bills on time, found my soulmate, got a promotion to a position I love after just six months at previously mention advertising agency, haven’t been in a car accident, or been eaten by a shark. TOTAL SUCCESS. So here is what I’m planning to do with the next 12 months:

1. Move into my own apartment in Long Beach
2. Buy a new bed and mattress
3. Curate a cohesive interior design/style
4. Not go broke
5. Work hard. Work really really really hard, and then get a promotion
6. Accomplish all of my work goals
In February I took a promotion at work, from Receptionist to HR and Operations Assistant. I absolutely love my new position and have since decided to further pursue a career in Human Resource. When my review comes around in February I would hope I have proven myself worthy of a new title and another happy little raise.
7. Use my soon to come-in-the-mail, holographic-cover, sticker-filled 2018 ban.do planner every day
8. Unplug more
9. Read 10 books
10. Visit Seattle (hello brother and best friend!)
11. Visit Boston
12. Visit Mexico City and Tulum with Anna
13. Go on two weekend camping trips
14. Eat more brunch
15. Smile and say hi to strangers (people actually do this in Long Beach!)
16. Send 100 pieces of mail, send me your address at sweethannahpea@gmail.com

17. Steal more flowers for fresh arrangements
18. Eat more fish (more will be really easy because I eat approximately none right now. And I’m totally already killing this goal.. I’ve had fish the past two weekends. WHO AM I?! I need to write a food post.)
19. Go surfing
20. Find and photograph tidepools
21. Make a scrapbook of 2017
22. Play basketball
23. Put more recipes in my recipe book
24. Finish a coloring book
25. Go to a Dodgers game and a Kings game
26. Go to 12 concerts (we’ve already been to 1, and we have tickets for 7 – soon to be 8 – others)
27. Master fake eyelashes

Thanks for following along when I do post.. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I’ve written, especially when it’s solely focused on me and my shit. I have a backlog of other stories to share.. Museum of Ice Cream, Palm Springs, and more! See you soon.

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