Last Year I .. | 2016 In Review

campaigned and caucused for a candidate I believe in.


graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, which wouldn’t have been possible without my champion parents.. in fact none of this would be possible without them.


said goodbye to the perfect little house in my picturesque hometown.


drove 1800 miles from Iowa, to Nebraska, to Colorado, to New Mexico, to Arizona, and finally


said hello to my new home in sunny California.


ate lots of healthy food, shed some serious pounds, and completed my first Whole30.


watched the sun set over the ocean more times than I can count.


from Chicago to San Diego, I played tourist with a few of my favorite ladies.


discovered lots of new music, and saw a few of my favorites play live.


started working at a pretty hip advertising agency, where I’ve made my first friends since the big move.


What a year! 2016 has got to be one of the biggest chapters in my little book of life, and I have to say, I might be sad to see it come to a close. However, after all that, I’m ready to slow down a bit in 2017.. who wants to go to the beach?


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Inspired by Kaylah!

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