Fri-Yay | No. 2


Beyoncé performs with the Dixie Chicks and it’s magic.

My, that was fun but never again, moment. Being an extra means 12 hours on set on a Saturday doing almost nothing.

This hilarious article about American Girl Dolls. Betch.

This amazing track from Emily Otis and Sotr Caf.

Looking forward to watching this, this, this, and this movie.

I’ve been reading Kaylah’s for four or five years now, and a few weeks ago she recommended Alexandra’s blog.. basically saying if you like my blog, you’ll like her blog. And I was like YEP, welcome to the bookmarks bar. Alexandra adventures like I wish I would. She goes to all these unique places, takes great pictures, and gives you a little mini tour with facts and tips if you plan to visit. She has definitely been inspiring me to go on my own adventures, so if you enjoy my sparse content under the Adventures tab, her blog is like the much more frequently updated legit version.


Photo by Kyla Trethewey and Jill Mann of Our Wild Abandon

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