If you’re a fan of interior decorating, homewares, or just having the cutest house ever, it’s likely you’re a Pinterest junky. Well, I should say it’s likely you’re a former Pinterest junky, like myself. We’ve all suffered through the awful algorithm that took away our perfectly curated feeds, forcing us to wade through old shares, gazillions of ads, and the most loathed suggest for you posts.

Oh, in case you missed my last post, I’m finally moving into an apartment! I got the official word last night, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. So, of course, since the day I found out I might have a place to live, I’ve been hunting for home inspiration. I have been desperately trying to use Pinterest for good again by becoming a stalker. And by stalker I mean I’ve just been going to profiles of people who’s style I love and stalking their boards related to home decorating. I am happy to report I’ve found tons of great stuff, and started pinning again (if you want to check out my board, find it here).


I’ve done a post like this a couple times on a couple different blogs, the most recent being for my beauty room back in Iowa. Collecting images that inspire me help me to focus and stay on one track. I have like 10,000 ideas and about a million more images that I just want to steal the ideas right out of, but I only have one bedroom, one bathroom, and one walk-in closet. I also have a living room, but I’m trying to remember that’s a shared space, so I will save that for another day.


Starting with the bedroom, I am loving the painted metal vintage bed frames. What color I would paint the frame is yet to come, but the mattress will be purchased this weekend, and then the frame hunt will begin. Besides a bed covered with fun patterned and textured pillows, I am thinking about a temporary wallpaper statement wall. I have seen a bunch of DIY’s and I think with living in a big city now, I might be able to find a relatively good deal on wallpaper. That’s going to be a real hunt. From my previous beauty room I’ve got a decent size full length mirror, circle mirror and vanity, all destined for greatness in my new bedroom.


As far as bathrooms go, I think the ladder-like shelf over the toilet will be perfect for my more decorative bathroom items. I haven’t looked too much into crafting one, but I think it will a great renter-friendly solution to shelving. I’m yet to actually go into the bathroom at the new apartment, but Andrew tells me there is a shower and a tub. Life of luxury. I will certainly be getting some bathroom appropriate artwork and new towels!


Lastly, my walk-in closet. My Mom has already made fun of me for treating the closet like a room, but it’s huge, and I have very fews clothes. I want to add some battery powered LED lighting, a dresser, and probably a chair.. because all I want is to have Lisa Vanderpump’s closet (but I’ll pass on her wardrobe).


So, move-in happens this weekend! My amazingly wonderful perfect parents are driving all the way from Iowa with all my stuff in the next week or so. I am so thrilled to finally have e place to live and have my stuff, but most of all to see my two favorite people in the whole world!


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