26 Before 27

I’m going to attempt to do this round of goals a little different than my previous goals. I want to mostly stick to goals I can document and write posts about. I also want to only tag the posts that specifically relate to this post under the tab. So when I get new glasses, I will write a post about them, but I won’t tag every post in which I’m wearing glasses. I’m just telling you this so I have to hold myself accountable for this as I’m writing the goals out.

26 before 27

1. 30 Days Of Biking
2. Get new glasses and wear them
3. Send 50 pieces of mail
4. Stop shoving stuff in closets
5. Clean the bathroom and vacuum weekly
6. Stop binge watching TV – Seriously, you watched 107 episodes of a horse show made for teens.. you can’t get that time back.
7. Cook meals, eat the leftovers
8. Go on a film camera adventure
9. Take the train to San Diego
10. Drive up the 1 and camp Big Sur
11. Get on a surf board (no need to put the pressure on actually learning to surf, just get on)
12. Take great care of the CR-V
13. Invest in some health related stuff: good shoes, fitbit, gym membership, etc.
14. Budget, save money, don’t go hungry
15. Make a blog schedule, try and stick to it
16. Find some friends in Los Angeles
17. Commit to weight training/find a great gym and an even better trainer
18. Make 12 vlogs
19. Explore California – Joshua Tree/San Fransisco/Running Springs/San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara
20. Go to a LA Kings game
21. Film a makeup tutorial
22. Drink at least 120 oz of water a day
23. Buy a new camera lens
24. Learn enough LA history that I can give a super cool LA tour
25. Take a trip with the California Family – Mexico? Los Osos?
26. Lose 20 pounds – I’m not super strict on this number.. I just want to lose fat and gain muscle. Lean mean lady machine.

Not entire sure how documentable those all are.. but.. Let’s do this!


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