Family Sailing Day

While the California family was visiting, we drove over to the cape to spend the day sailing and catching lobster. Just kidding. But I assume this is as close as it gets when living in Iowa. My Dad absolutely had to take ourĀ visitorsĀ out on his sailboat. Nigel, my cousin’s husband, is well versed in sailing. The two of them especially enjoy spending time on the boat talking shop. So, on a warm sunny Tuesday, our family headed down to Pleasant Creek State Park, picnic lunch in tow.

In addition to sailboat rides, Petra and I splashed our feet in the water off the end of the dock, saw some bird and bugs, and even caught a crayfish (which was way more difficult than I remembered it being). While everyone kicked back in the shade for the picnic, the founding members of the Peterson family shared stories from their days on the farm. I wish we had been doing things like this together for years, but.. better late than never!

Above is a picture of my Aunt and her niece’s; fabulous ladies.

I had a great time with Petra, and all of my family. I felt like a little kid, determined to catch that crayfish, but a little nervous it was going to pinch me. I finally worked up the courage to hold it, and that’s when P snapped that shot (talent!). I’m hoping there will be many more days like these in my future.

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