A Little Vacation


On Saturday night Audrey and I will be leaving for Michigan. First we will stop at my cousin’a house in Appleton, Wisconsin. Then it’s on to the Upper Peninsula! My Dad has mapped out the best places for us to hike, and I can’t wait to show Audrey all my favorite spots! I will return next Thursday and post all the details that Friday, unless I find some free time while we are there. I am considering doing a little video/vlog! We shall see!1. We went to an afternoon baseball and with Matt the other afternoon. We lost but I was a beautiful day.
2. My Dad made us dinner! Almost all fresh veggies too! So yum.
3. Another fun night out with Liberty.
4. A very mosquito-y walk through Hartman Reserve.
5. A little frog that crossed our path on our walk.

6. My hiking buddy. 
7. Celebrated 1 year with my sweet little Sally. She was not thrilled to commemorate this moment

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