Not Even That Cool

We successfully ate at home for dinner 3 nights in a row. I’m thinking of this as some seriously awesome achievement but it’s not that cool. But still!

So Pepperplate, other than keeping track of what we were having I didn’t find it to be that awesome. Part of it has to do with the fact that I used a different recipe for every single meal. I just assumed that because I pinned the recipe it was the one I was thinking of. Wrong.

The first night we had pretzels. I thought the recipe I pinned was for boiled pretzels, which make them all soft and delicious with that sort of tough outer shell. As the recipe did not called or boiling I ended up googling another recipe. They turned out amazing. And even though there are several steps they are fairly easy to make.

The second night I made oriental chicken salad. Is recipe, again, was not what I had in mind. You used ramen noodles but this recipe wanted you to cook them, which is not how I typically eat this salad. Then I was just going to wing it and add chicken. Well I pan fried the chicken, over cooked it, and used too much oil.. NASTY. I know how to cook, as in food a toddler would like to eat, but some things I just can’t do. Frying anything but an egg is one of them.

The third night I made spehgetti. I wanted to make that Martha recipe that is all in one pot, but then I remembered Matt doesn’t like tomatoes or onions, so I had to scrap that. I just used boring tomato sauce and added some garlic and red pepper flakes. Good enough.

I’m hoping next week I can stick to more of what’s on my plan but we have already decided to make buffalo chicken pizza instead of buffalo chicken sandwiches. Oh well!



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