Matt and I go out to dinner, a lot. Like a lot. Like at least once a day. It’s not good on Matt’s pocketbook, or my pants. So with this paycheck I have decided that instead of online shopping I’m going to buy groceries. Monday nights we eat our friend’s house, typically grill, then starting this coming Tuesday we will eat dinner at my house. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 3 nights a week, we will stay home and I will cook dinner. This can’t be that hard!

So to help stay on track I thought I would plan everything out. I recently, as in yesterday, started using Pepperplate. It is a website, and app, that stores recipes, creates menus, has a planner, and creates shopping lists. I imported a bunch of recipes from my Pinterest. Pepperplate accepts links only from certain websites, which they have listed next to the import bar. I found this slightly annoying, but it’s fairly simple to copy and paste the information from the recipe.


I then created menus for each night, 12 in all. I liked this function, however you can not just add miscellaneous items to the menu, like “fruit” or “salad”. Well maybe you can and it’s just that I’ve only been using this app for less than 24 hours. I then added each menu to the night we will be having that dish.

I will take pictures of the meals, track how we do, and how well I like Pepperplate. It has functions like multiple cook timers too so I will be sure to try all those out as well.

One thought on “Pepperplate

  1. Nicole

    How awesome! I am totally going to try this out. I’ve been looking for a more convenient meal planning solution. I’m not good at just writing it out. SLACKA!


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