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So my best friend has been actively blogging as a new Mom, and I’ve been playing hooky since May. My favorite season is finally beginning so maybe blogging will become apart of it.

My Mom has been in Michigan caring for my uncle after his second major heart surgery. She is so loving and giving, which makes her being so far away for several weeks even harder. During the week I mostly hang out with my guy and my girlfriends, but the weekends are almost always spent with family. However since my Mom has been gone my Dad and I have been having a great time watching Hawkeye Football, cooking, and just hanging out.

As for work my responsibilities have been changed a bit. Due to budget cuts we lost a secretary so I picked up all of my counter part, Sarah’s, responsibilities. She moved to the Athletic Office which is way down at the other end of the building. While it’s about a minute walk away you’d think it was a mile. I didn’t realize how much I would miss her just moving down the hall. Other than that, and feeling a little overwhelmed, I love work.

Things with my girls have been so great lately. Life has been a little up and down but overall just being with them is always great. Nicole gave birth to Eisley! Talk about exciting! She is absolutely perfect. While plenty of other women in my life have had children, I think this baby is the first one I will truly get to see grow. I already love her to pieces and can’t wait to play dressup and go on adventures with her.













1. Roadtripped with my Mom to Texas. We stopped at the World War I Museum in Kansas City.
2. At the Crayola store.
3. Oklahoma City bombing memorial. Beautiful, sad, and extremely moving.
4. Arrived in Texas and fulfilled my dream of going to Hey Cupcake!
5. Flowers in Austin.
6. Texas family; Tony – my cousin, Patty – his wife, myself, my Mom.
7. Meeting Eisley for the first time.
8. Jessica and I at Blake and Gracie’s wedding.
9. Matt and I at Blake and Gracie’s wedding.
10. I adopted a sweet little kitten named Sally.
11. Matt and I at the quarry on Labor Day.
12. Sally.
13. Eisley, taken last night.

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