23 Years Later

I celebrated another year of my life. 23, whoa! Really it’s a fairly I uneventful number .. Nothing like 10 or 16 or 21. My sweet coworker Sarah bought me a little succulent for my desk. My biggest plans for the day were almost spoiled by the weather. Luckily it cleared up just in time for some chicken on the grill, homemade potatoes chips (we do those outside too so the whole house doesn’t stink like a frier), and then we had a bonfire.
I realized after editing my pictures I really didn’t get a very good photo of Matt. Several days before my birthday he gave me my present, a hot pink stereo cruiser board. I can’t wait to do more than stand on it and hope Matt catches me when I fall. One of my favorite people, Marie, pictured above, gave me those beautiful tulips, as well as an aloe plant, and some tshirt bags.

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