Spring .. not really .. Break

Last week was spring break. Here’s some pictures and some captions.



I did some Easter decorating. I found a letter in the bottom of a box of decorations at my Mom’s from the Easter Bunny. Apparently I really liked cheese.



I hung out with the Hahn Family animals. I spent a couple evenings over at new Hahn house .. which is so perfect for them and their future family!



On Wednesday Matt and I headed south to Ames and Des Moines. We stopped and had some of my favorite pizza at Great Plains with Anna. She has had some great things happen to her after a lot of crap and I couldn’t be more happy for her. Then Matt and I headed off for some shopping in downtown DSM. I bought an awesome new shirt at RAYGUN which proudly reads “meow money, meow problems”. We then met up with our one of our favorite couples, Katie and Jim. We had dinner at another favorite restaurant, Zombie Burger.


Thursday I joined my Mom, Marie, and several other folks somehow linked to Marie, at Villa Comagena. An Austrian woman named Inge serves a traditional Austrian meal and then tells the story of her life. She was born in Austria the year Hitler came to power. Her story was very powerful and despite the serious tone of her story she was quite comical, and totally cute!


I started a more healthy diet which has already been successful in weight loss, but is proving difficult. I guess that’s not too surprising but in hopes of making it a little easier I am joint Weight Watchers! I’ve been reading Tieka’s blog for a couple years now and I am hoping to have as much success as she did.



We celebrated my Mom’s birthday with breakfast at Marie’s. she gave me her collection of Melmac, and then I died of happiness. No, joking, I’m still here. But I was, and still am, thrilled with the new collection of dishes I’ve inherited.

So there you have it. A perfectly relaxing and exciting week long vacation!

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