The Good Times

Tonight I googled myself. Yep. There you have it. I searched “htmlhannah” .. My awesomely dorky old username. I found a picture of myself that lead to a comment I had left on a livejournal post which then lead to my own livejournal. It was hilarious, slightly pathetic, and inspiring. While my posts were about as sparing as they are now, I wrote about everything. Every stupid little thing I did. And I, tonight, am so happy that I did.

I realize now that blogging is not for others. I used to, and still do, check the number of views I get. Rate how interesting I am on the number likes and comments. Share my latest posts on Facebook and Twitter .. And while having approval is of course fabulous, tonight I was happy I wrote, just for me. It was a glimpse into how far I’ve come. It also reminded me that no one knows you better than yourself. In some ways I am exactly the same as my 17 year old self. Bringing my computer, now iPad, into the bathroom to sit on the floor and blog. Yes, bathroom.

Today my Mom picked me up, and then Tracey. We went to a couple total bust estate sales, target, menards, hobby lobby, and the Olive Garden for lunch. I have decided after befriending basically the entire English department, I should start reading again. I am currently readying “Going Bovine” by Libba Bray. I got about halfway through today! Impressive as I haven’t read a book since last summer. Usually I can’t get my mind to settle down and only focus on 1 task. I always have to have my phone or iPad near by while watching tv and playing with Max or cleaning my apartment. After an hour or so of reading I left my music playing and did some housework. I planned on going out but my plans fell through. I’m not disappointed though! I might have never googled myself I’d I went out.

I think my next post will be reflecting on how my 18 year old self knew exactly where my 22 year old self would be. As well as what happened to all my cool clothes and jewelry. Coors Light sweatshirt, where you at!?!?


See — hilarious, slightly pathetic, and inspiring. This picture is inspiring me to buy some sparkling apple cider and work on my fitness.

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