Surviving the END

Seeing you are reading this post you must have also survived! Congratulations. Isn’t that just so exciting for us, but so sad for the Mayans? The last couple weeks have been busy with preparing for Christmas! I am hosting a last minute party at my house with some of my closet friends this evening. I am making my first Christmas ham using a recipe from an old Rath recipe book.

IMG_1573 IMG_1639 IMG_1660 IMG_1669 IMG_1673 IMG_1700 IMG_1706 IMG_1720

Breakfast with Matt at our favorite spot – Morgs, the coolest shells my Mom brought home from Florida, the tallest guy I know, a robot that stopped by the office, seeing The Santa Claus with my Dad at the old Cotton Wood Theatre, chicken parmesan at the Brown Bottle with Mom, 200 tile coasters we made for the staff for their Christmas gift, and you can never have enough breakfast.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday. I will be back with pictures from the party!

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