Radvent Day Two | Self-Worth — The End.

It’s funny how I have never really thought about this topic. I suppose the word itself defines it. These questions seem a little too deep for me. I’d rather fill my blog with lighter topics, like cookies and unicorns. But I half committed myself to do this thing, so fine. I will think about it.

It feels good to have people remind you of your good qualities. To hear you are beautiful every day (thanks Matt!), or to have people appreciate your hard work and notice your creativity and drive. Being kind to others

Okay.. Honestly.. I’m not deep like this.. So I think I might quit doing this.. Already. But please don’t think of me as a quitter. I’m just being honest here people.

I’ve been home sick the last two days. Some serious head-cold shenanigans. Not fun. I did however watch all of the first season of American Horror Story. Pretty cool show. I liked the old stories of how people died verse the story of the current people living in the house.

While I haven’t made any this weekend, thanks to feeling shitty, I have been making and selling miniature garland Christmas trees. Not only are they fun to make, they are really cute too. I plan on using the profits to buy gifts for my family and friends. Running my own little business has thus far been pretty fun. It’s only been a week and only a couple people know about it so hopefully over the next week the trees will sell like hotcakes!

Well, my nose is stuffy and this writing thing is hard.

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