Gwarly Pt. 2

If you’re into blood, sci-fi, metal, riduclousness, or just having a crazy time, you must see Gwar. It’s sort of one of those bands that should be on every young person’s bucket list. Like.. Kiss.. or Black Sabbath… sort of. In the above photos you have one of the first bands, not sure which one it was, displaying their fighting robots. Municipal Waste played next which was pretty fun. Matt subjected himself to the pit, I took a couple videos, it’s was a little ridiculous. They build a wall of deaht? Is that even how you say that phrase? Google it. It’s just stupid.. Matt stayed out of that for my safety, thanks babe. Then Gwar played. SO AWESOME. Basically what happens is they play their ridiculous songs about aliens and women and stuff and while they play giant aliens come out and spray you with blood and toxic waste in various ways.  For example, they brought out a giant Snooki and ripped her two-headed fetus out of her which then sprayed you with blood. Um, yes. In the second from the bottom picture that is Matt at the front crowd surfing. Talk about a good time.


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