Gwarly – Pt. 1

After hearing Matt talk about seeing this band “Gwar” for at least a month, and then after enjoying a week of local shows I finally decided I wanted to join him. I think he was pretty excited because he didn’t officially have anyone accompanying him on the trip. The show was at a popular venue in Des Moines called People’s Court. We made plans to stay with our friends Katie and Jim, packed our bags, and headed south. I decided to leave my camera at home and see how running on my iphone went. When arrived at Katie’s and headed right downtown. Even though Des Moines is only about 2 hours away, as soon as we get into town it’s seems like a whole new place. I love taking mini vacations there! I hope this summer we can spend a couple days with different friends enjoying, shopping, eating, oh and I suppose Matt would be skating not shopping. While we waited for the show to start we had a couple drinks at Heros.

I’ll be back with part TWO!


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