Dirty Laundry

So this isn’t actually dirty laundry, it’s clean.

I’ve been busy cleaning, and adding a few touches here and there to our house because I hosted a Scentsy party this weekend! For those of you that don’t know what Scentsy is, it’s basically a flameless candle. The low melting point wax is heated by a light bulb. The “warmers” that hold the wax are really pretty and make for great decorations, and the wax fills the whole room with scent. Right now I have Pixie going in my living room, which is a light floral scent, in my Fizz warmer (which you can see in my Christmas-y post). And I have Spring Clean, which smells like.. well spring cleaning.. in my new CUPCAKE warmer! And lastly I have Apple Pie going in my wall plug-in the kitchen. If you don’t have Scentsy I would highly recommend it!

Our kids did great at the speech competition last weekend. Almost all our groups got a 1, which is the best rating you can get. This means our groups are going to All-State next weekend! I have a lot of laundry to do tomorrow so the kids will look fresh and clean for there “Evening of Theater” on Tuesday. Watching our kids perform and do well makes me so proud!

I promise to have a Valentine’s Day DIY up before Valentines day!

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