Happy New Blog!

After becoming totally fed up with receiving error messages from blogger, I have switched to WordPress! **yay** The first of the year seems like just the perfect time to make a location change.

In honor of this memorable moment I have decided to make not one, but two, very important lists…
“Interesting (or not) Facts About Hannah” and “New Year Resolutions”
1. I’ve been working full-time as a secretary at a high school for the last 10 months. I absolutely LOVE it!
2. I just moved into a little 2 bedroom house with my boyfriend. It’s the opposite of fancy, but we are making it work.
3. I am a thrifting junkie. While on the internet I might be just another blogging thrifter, around these parts, I am a little wacky.
4.  Although I do not particularly enjoy sewing, I recently got my trustee hand-me-down sewing machine back (after months of being broken) and it might be the motivation I need to make sewing apart of the Resolutions list. Although my “fashion design” career was short lived, the first year of the program at Iowa State taught me the in-depth details beginner sewing. Dresses are my go-to fashion staple.
5. I love crafting; embroidery, crocheting, applying glitter to everything, etc.

1. Blog like a champ. Well, that’s pretty general.. Blog once a week. There is plenty of crap, sometimes interesting, going on in my life to write about.
1.5. Learn the basics of CSS and create a totally boss blog layout OR hire someone to create me a totally boss blog layout.
2. Do less impulse shopping + only buy groceries that are on sale, or that I have a coupon for.
3. Run a half marathon! .. I guess finding one to run in would probably be a good start.
4.  Read 5 books.. Starting with The Girl Who Played with Fire!
5.  Get my Associates in Arts degree before September.
6. Sew 3 dresses, and build an entertainment center.

Alright, well I think that’s a pretty good start! Here a couple of photos from the last month!

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Ciao! Hannah

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