New Year, New Me

The title of this post is just a joke. Chill out, internet. I’m sure I’ll be relatively the same in 2017, but isn’t it fun to come up with a few goals so that at the end of the year I can reflect on how the 26 Before 27 goal of watching less TV directly impacted my New Years ‘get abs’ goal.


Goal One: GET ABS. I know that sounds pretty vain and a little gross, but it would require a lot of hard work and dedication that would better my overall health. So I want abs. Is that too much to ask? Just like four abs, even two would be great!

Goal Two: GET A FRIDAY THE 13TH TATTOO. There are two opportunities to accomplish this in 2017. On the hunt for a $13 deal.. now there is a tattoo in LA I could afford.

Goal Three: SAVE MONEY. Future Hannah, please be patting yourself on the back, or the wallet, for accomplishing this one. Like, come. on. You’ve sucked at money for way too long. It’s not that hard. Don’t buy shit you don’t need.

Goal Four: SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BLOG. That’s vague, huh? I just want to be better at it. Patty says I probably have hard time committing to creative outlets because.. something about planets being in retrograde at the time of my birth. I believe it. I really want to show up here. For me, and for you too, my wonderful audience who has been so encouraging that I’ve just left hanging. Which leads me too goal five..

Goal Five: TAKE ALL OF THE PICTURES. I got a beautiful, very stylish, leather camera bag from Jo Totes for Christmas. So there is no excuse to not take my camera with my everywhere I go. I want to be the documentarian I know I am capable of being. The more photos I take, the more I will enjoy taking them. It’s a win-win.

Goal Six: POST AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO EVERYDAY. This goes hand in hand with the previous goal, but I posted less than 200 gramhammers in 2016. For a person who loves the gram so much, I don’t share often enough.

Goal Seven: SIT UP STRAIGHT, you slouch monster.

What are you goals for the new year? Are you a New Year, New You kind of person or more of a it’s 2017? kind of person? I’m kicking the year off with another Whole30, reading a new book, and feeling rather humbled by my recent trip back to Iowa.


Last Year I .. | 2016 In Review

campaigned and caucused for a candidate I believe in.


graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, which wouldn’t have been possible without my champion parents.. in fact none of this would be possible without them.


said goodbye to the perfect little house in my picturesque hometown.


drove 1800 miles from Iowa, to Nebraska, to Colorado, to New Mexico, to Arizona, and finally


said hello to my new home in sunny California.


ate lots of healthy food, shed some serious pounds, and completed my first Whole30.


watched the sun set over the ocean more times than I can count.


from Chicago to San Diego, I played tourist with a few of my favorite ladies.


discovered lots of new music, and saw a few of my favorites play live.


started working at a pretty hip advertising agency, where I’ve made my first friends since the big move.


What a year! 2016 has got to be one of the biggest chapters in my little book of life, and I have to say, I might be sad to see it come to a close. However, after all that, I’m ready to slow down a bit in 2017.. who wants to go to the beach?


Check out my past yearly reviews here.. 2015, 2014

Inspired by Kaylah!

The Half-Way Mark | 26 Before 27

How am I already 26 and a half?! I swear my amazing triple threat birthday/graduation/going-away party was like.. last week. My two friends with the same exact first and middle name sitting at the bar drinking beer, my high school friends throwing darts, my best girls catching on life with babies and plans to go back to school full time, and a whole table full of women who have been some of my biggest cheer leaders the last few years. #crying #blessed

In this my 26th year I have done a lot, despite my pretty much constant down playing of my successes. I guess I am rather happy with the whole graduating college, moving to the second largest city in the US, finding a place to live, and getting a job.

Okay, enough gloating, let’s see where I’m at on the goals I set for myself this year. I’ll italicize the ones that I’ve been keeping up on, but are long term and thus can’t be considered a success until May.

1. 30 Days Of Biking
2. Get new glasses and wear them NAILED IT. I now have 6 pairs of glasses. $6 frames, $6.95 single vision lenses. I love Eye Buy Direct. Get your own here, or leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you my referral link. I’ll do some kind of post on those at some point.
3. Send 50 pieces of mail .. I have to be at least half way on this one.
4. Stop shoving stuff in closets … FAIL. I still down on a dresser, so my plan to make my closet into a dream space has failed and thus it’s full of junk.
5. Clean the bathroom and vacuum weekly
6. Stop binge watching TV – Seriously, you watched 107 episodes of a horse show made for teens.. you can’t get that time back. Haha, funny.
7. Cook meals, eat the leftovers
8. Go on a film camera adventure
9. Take the train to San Diego
10. Drive up the 1 and camp Big Sur
11. Get on a surf board (no need to put the pressure on actually learning to surf, just get on)
12. Take great care of the CR-V
13. Invest in some health related stuff: good shoes, fitbit, gym membership, etc.
14. Budget, save money, don’t go hungry
15. Make a blog schedule, try and stick to it .. I’m trying. Haven’t really made a schedule, but I’m here.
16. Find some friends in Los Angeles
17. Commit to weight training/find a great gym and an even better trainer
18. Make 12 vlogs
19. Explore California – Joshua Tree/San Francisco/Running Springs/San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara .. This weekend I’ll be in San Diego, and Thanksgiving I’ll be in Los Osos!
20. Go to a LA Kings game
21. Film a makeup tutorial
22. Drink at least 120 oz of water a day .. OMG THIS IS SO MUCH WATER, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!
23. Buy a new camera lens
24. Learn enough LA history that I can give a super cool LA tour .. Visit me, let me take you to Venice, promise it will be great.
25. Take a trip with the California Family – Mexico? Los Osos?
26. Lose 20 pounds – I’m not super strict on this number.. I just want to lose fat and gain muscle. Lean mean lady machine.

That’s a little reality check. I’ve only crossed off two things.. Looks like I need to step up my game. The next six month better be action packed.. also I now realize some of these goals are contradictory.. like “save money, and also buy a new camera lens, and new shoes, and travel a bunch”.. I guess I wasn’t anticipating my salary. In the words of Tim Gunn.. “MAKE IT WORK!”


Fri-Yay | No. 2


Beyoncé performs with the Dixie Chicks and it’s magic.

My, that was fun but never again, moment. Being an extra means 12 hours on set on a Saturday doing almost nothing.

This hilarious article about American Girl Dolls. Betch.

This amazing track from Emily Otis and Sotr Caf.

Looking forward to watching this, this, this, and this movie.

I’ve been reading Kaylah’s for four or five years now, and a few weeks ago she recommended Alexandra’s blog.. basically saying if you like my blog, you’ll like her blog. And I was like YEP, welcome to the bookmarks bar. Alexandra adventures like I wish I would. She goes to all these unique places, takes great pictures, and gives you a little mini tour with facts and tips if you plan to visit. She has definitely been inspiring me to go on my own adventures, so if you enjoy my sparse content under the Adventures tab, her blog is like the much more frequently updated legit version.


Photo by Kyla Trethewey and Jill Mann of Our Wild Abandon

Los Angeles Staycation


A few weeks ago I had my first official vacationing visitor! What does that even mean? Like, she was on vacation and came to stay with me and hang out with me. Yep, I’m pretty special. My fellow brunch loving babe, Brynn, came out to enjoy the last few days of California summer and I couldn’t have been more excited. While she was here we ate In n Out, shopped on Abbott Kinney, visited my favorite light house (which I finally got see up close!!!), I sprained my ankle, we had a few drinks, and hung on the beach. Oh yes, you read that right, I sprained my ankle.. which altogether ruined the remaining plans I had for her visit, but we made of the best of it.



Pictures include: a mural of Venice past, the best fries ever, rooftop views in Marina del Ray, Point Vicente Light House and the museum on the grounds, a picture of a random stranger (BUT LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!!! HOW COULD I NOT TAKE A PICTURE?!), brunch at Suburbia – bottomless mimosas and Golden French Toast: ricotta, figs, honey & almonds, Manhattan Beach, and drinks at Cole’s.